Restaurant Freezers Are Approved

Posted: March 06, 1986

Thanks to the Warrington Zoning Hearing Board's approval of extra storage space, H.A. Winston's & Co. may never again run short of barbecued ribs.

After more than two months of hearings and planning commission meetings, the zoning hearing board Monday night unanimously approved a special exception to

allow the installation of two prefabricated 20-by-25-foot freezer and storage units in an alcove behind the restaurant at 1111 Easton Rd.

Donald Epstein, president of the company, sat quietly while board members reviewed his final site plans. He told the board, simply, "We need it and we'd like you gentlemen to approve it."

In a December meeting, his son, Bruce Epstein, who is vice president of the company, told members that the restaurant management felt a hardship as a result of "inadequate" kitchen storage space.

"We're trying to keep our customers happy, but sometimes we have to tell people we're out of ribs," the vice president said.

Both Epsteins said they never believed that the approval would be a lengthy process.

The plans, first reviewed in December by the zoning hearing board, initially proposed housing the new storage space in a buffer zone behind restaurant, located in the Warrington Mews Shopping Center. Under the original plans, the Epsteins would have been required to obtain both a variance and a special exception.

As an alternative site, board members in a January meeting suggested that the units be located in an alcove closer to the restaurant. Last month, the owners resubmitted sketch plans to the township planning commission, which then recommended approval to the zoning board.

Board members approved the latest plans subject to compliance with building coverage and parking requirements.

With the approval, Donald Epstein said he expected the freezer and storage units to be in place by next month.

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