Foyt Qualifies For Indianapolis 500

Posted: May 12, 1986

INDIANAPOLIS — Four-time winner A. J. Foyt, yanked from the qualifying line Saturday

because of a minor technical violation, earned a start in his 29th consecutive Indianapolis 500 yesterday with a four-lap average of 213.212 m.p.h.

Foyt's speed was the fifth-fastest so far in qualifications. It would have given him a tentative starting spot in the middle of the second row had he been allowed to run Saturday. Instead, he must start behind all of the 23 first-day qualifiers.

Four other drivers also qualified yesterday, leaving five spots open for the final two days of qualifications next weekend. The 33-car starting field will be headed by record-setting Rick Mears, who won the pole position Saturday with a four-lap average of 216.828 m.p.h. and a one-lap mark of 217.581.

Once the 33-car field is filled, the slowest cars may be bumped one by one by each subsequent faster qualifier. The fastest 33 qualifiers will start the race.

Foyt was ordered out of the qualifying line when U.S. Auto Club inspectors discovered a crack in a bracket holding one of the sidepods on his Gilmore Copenhagen March-Cosworth race car, making it 25-thousandths of an inch too low. Repairs may not be made in the line.

"It's just one of those misfortunate things," said Foyt, 51, who is approaching the 10,000-mile mark for his career at Indy.

"The car was beautiful (Sunday). I felt like yesterday, if we got out, we could have been up in the first two rows, which is a shame."

Foyt had no problems yesterday. His first lap was 212.219 m.p.h. - nearly 2 m.p.h. faster than his best speed during practice last week. He improved to 213.452 and 213.985 on the next two laps, then coasted past the checkered flag with a fourth-lap speed of 213.199.

"We could have probably run a little faster than I did, but I didn't want to take a chance crashing the car. It's a real good car," he said.

Others qualifying yesterday were Raul Boesel (211.202 m.p.h.), rookie Phil Krueger (207.948), Chip Ganassi (207.590) and Scott Brayton (208.079).


1. Rick Mears, Bakersfield, Calif., No. 4, March-Cosworth, 216.828 m.p.h.

2. Danny Sullivan, Louisville, Ky., No. 1, March-Cosworth, 215.382.

3. Michael Andretti, Nazareth, Pa., No. 18, March-Cosworth, 214.522.


4. Bobby Rahal, Dublin, Ohio, No. 3, March-Cosworth, 213.550.

5. Mario Andretti, Nazareth, Pa., No. 2, Lola-Cosworth, 212.300.

6. Al Unser, Albuquerque, N.M., No. 11, Penske-Chevrolet, 212.295.


7. Kevin Cogan, Redondo Beach, Calif., No. 7, March-Cosworth, 211.922.

8. Tom Sneva, Paradise Valley, Ariz., No. 33, March-Cosworth, 211.878.

9. Roberto Guerrero, Colombia, No. 5, March-Cosworth, 211.576.


10. Al Unser Jr., Albuquerque, N.M., No. 30 Lola-Cosworth, 211.533.

11. Ed Pimm, Dublin, Ohio, No. 66, March-Cosworth, 210.874.

12. Emerson Fittipaldi, Brazil, No. 40, March-Cosworth, 210.237.


13. Johnny Rutherford, Fort Worth, Texas, No. 21, March-Cosworth, 210.220.

14. R-Randy Lanier, Davie, Fla., No. 12, March-Cosworth, 209.964.

15. Pancho Carter, Brownsburg, Ind., No. 15, Lola-Cosworth, 209.635.


16. R-Roberto Moreno, Brazil, No. 9, Lola-Cosworth, 209.469.

17. R-Jacques Villeneuve, Canada, No. 81, March-Cosworth, 209.397.

18. Danny Ongais, Santa Ana, Calif., No. 25, March-Buick, 209.158.


19. Josele Garza, Mexico, No. 55, March-Cosworth, 208.939.

20. Tony Bettenhausen, Indianapolis, No. 16, March-Cosworth, 208.933.

21. Arie Luyendyk, Holland, No. 61, Lola-Cosworth, 207.811.


22. Dennis Firestone, Los Alamitos, Calif., No. 36, Lola-Cosworth, 207.471.

23. Geoff Brabham, Australia, No. 8, Lola-Cosworth, 207.082.

24. A.J. Foyt, Houston, Texas, No. 14, March-Cosworth, 213.212.


25. Raul Boesel, Brazil, No. 22, Lola-Cosworth, 211.202.

26. Scott Brayton, Coldwater, Mich., No. 71, March-Buick, 208.079.

27. R-Phil Krueger, Indianapolis, No. 42, 1985 March-Cosworth, 207.948.

ROW 10

28. Chip Ganassi, Pittsburgh, Pa., No. 59, March-Cosworth, 207.590.

Average for first 28 qualifiers-210.651 m.p.h. (average for first 28 in 1985 - 208.026)

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