Grilling 'Evening Magazine'

Posted: June 24, 1986

Everyone loves a good party, and "Evening Magazine" co-hosts Nancy Glass and Ray Murray are no different. In fact, they like to party so much that ''Evening Magazine" will broadcast live July 4 from a local backyard barbeque.

If you'd like to give your Fourth of July party that little something extra (cameras, lights, microphones, wires and celebrities), then send a postcard with your name, address and telephone number to 4th of July, "Evening Magazine," KYW-TV, Independence Mall East, Philadelphia 19106. They'll choose one barbecue to broadcast.


Pat Croce, the Flyers physical conditioning coach and president of Sports Physical Therapists Inc., will host his own show on WIP (610/AM) starting in early July. Croce's hour-long, call-in show will focus on health, nutrition and exercise. No air date or time yet.


Delaware shows off its best vacation spots on "Gone to Delaware," a half- hour program produced by Channel 12 airing tomorrow at 7:30 p.m.


When the "A-Team" tough guys find themselves up to their throats in legal trouble, who do they call? The famous defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, of course. Bailey plays himself on the second episode next season when he's called on to defend the "A-Team" against the federal government.

In other NBC series news, the cast of "Facts of Life," which was supposed to film an episode in Venice next season but canceled the trip because of fear of terrorism, now plans to tape a two-hour episode in Australia.

Also, Mrs. Garrett, played by Charlotte Rae who is leaving the show this season, has agreed to appear in the premiere episode, in which she'll get married. Cloris Leachman has been mentioned as a possible replacement.


Pete Sullivan, the 6-to-10 morning man for WMGK (103/FM), returns to work July 1. He was temporarily replaced by Jim Kinney, who'll return to the weekend shift. No one at the station will say why Sullivan left or why he's returning . . . "Ben Casey," the ABC medical drama that aired from 1961-66, may return to television in the form of a pilot produced by Columbia Pictures Television. Columbia intends to offer the pilot, and possible series, starring Vince Edwards - the original Ben Casy, to the networks in the fall. If the networks don't like the idea, Columbia will sell the show for syndication. "Casey" was one of the great medical dramas in television history and quickly became the most popular program on the ABC network.

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