Four Mets Arrested In Houston Bar Fight

Posted: July 20, 1986

HOUSTON — Four New York Mets - starting pitchers Ron Darling, Bob Ojeda and Rick Aguilera, and second baseman Tim Teufel - were arrested early yesterday after a disturbance at a Houston disco.

Darling and Teufel were charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, and Ojeda and Aguilera with hindering an arrest.

The four players were released on bond after spending the night in the Houston city jail.

The incident took place at about 2 a.m. in a disco called Cooter's, after the Mets lost to the Houston Astros, 3-0, Friday night. Darling was the losing pitcher for the Mets, who lead the National League East.

According to Sgt. Daniel Moormon of the Houston police, Teufel was creating a disturbance and was asked to leave by the club's management.

"On his way out, he attempted to carry the beer he was drinking outside," Moormon said. Texas law prohibits the drinking of alcoholic beverages outside public establishments.

Moormon said Teufel, who appeared to be intoxicated, was "released to his friends so they could take him home," Moormon said. Instead, Teufel went outside and started another disturbance, according to the police spokesman.

When police tried to arrest him, Teufel starting hitting the arresting police officers, and Darling joined in, Moormon said.

"Teufel and Darling actually hit the two officers," Moorman said. The officers, however, were not seriously hurt.

Teufel and Darling were released on $2,000 bond each at about 11:30 a.m. Ojeda and Aguilera were released on $800 bond each.

Jay Horwitz, a Mets spokesman, said the club did not want to comment on the incident, except to say, "The Mets management and the players involved regret the incident."

Before last night's Mets-Astros game, New York manager Davey Johnson said: ''I know all about it, but I don't want to get into a situation where everyone is telling his side. It's a matter of public record.

"I'm shocked at those involved. They are fine leaders on this ball club and family men. The guy who got the brunt of it, Tim Teufel, just had a baby a few days ago. You're presumed guilty in the baseball world. I'm sure the players would like to drop it and pay a fine."

Both Johnson and Horwitz indicated a belief that the police used more force than was necessary on the players.

"There may have been some undue harassment on the part of the Houston Police Department," Johnson said. "One of my guys (Teufel) was roughed up and he said he has some bruises. Some cases it's best to plead guilty, but in this case it has to go to court."

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