Changes Await Cinnaminson Students

Posted: August 31, 1986

There are changes in store for Cinnaminson students, ranging from the starting time of the school day to who gets a bus ride to school each morning.

What has irritated many parents is the change in the busing policy. In the past, geographic boundaries such as Pompeston Creek were used to decide which students would be bused to school.

But because the creek winds through the township, there were instances where students who lived close to schools were being bused while those who lived farther away had to walk, said Superintendent Joseph Carol.

"There were lot of inequities in it," he said.

Under the new policy, busing will be available for students who live more than 1.1 miles from either of the district's two elementary schools, more than 1.5 miles from the middle school or more than 2 miles from the high school.

The only exceptions will be for elementary and middle-school students who must cross either Route 130 or Route 73 - two major multi-lane highways - and high school students who live in the East Riverton section, in the township's far pocket near the Delaware River.

The new policy means that 70 students who rode the buses last year will have to find another way to school when classes start this week.

At a school board meeting two weeks ago, several dozen angry parents - most them with children who used to be bused but will not be under the new policy - complained about the changes. But the policy will not be changed, Carol said.

The school district has mailed bus passes to those students eligible for transportation. Those students should have their passes by now, Carol said.

The other change in Cinnaminson schools this year is the starting time for some classes.

High-school classes will begin at 7:50 a.m. this year instead of 8 a.m., as in past years.

Carol said the change was necessary to end the school day earlier so that students who participated in extracurricular activities with other school districts - such as sporting events - would not have to be dismissed early

from classes.

One minute was removed from each of the eight class periods, and the five- minute period between classes was shortened to four minutes. The school day will end at 2:18 p.m.

Another change is that fifth-grade students will attend the middle school. Carol said the change was made to allow more room in the elementary schools.

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