Proposals On Zoning Reviewed

Posted: September 18, 1986

The Upper Southampton Planning Commission has reviewed a number of proposed amendments to its zoning and subdivision ordinances.

The amendments were proposed by the township Board of Supervisors. The planning commission must review the amendments and then approve the amendments or add revisions before sending the package back to the supervisors.

The amendments also were sent to the Bucks County Planning Commission for review on July 18.

The supervisors proposed amending the zoning ordinance yard requirements for shopping centers. The current law calls for a front yard of 35 feet minimum, a side yard of 10 feet minimum and a rear yard of 35 feet minimum. The proposed amendment calls for a minimum 100-foot front yard, 35-foot side yard and 50-foot rear yard.

The net effect of the new requirement would be to limit the area within a parcel of land on which a shopping center could be located.

Another proposed amendment would require a traffic-impact study for any one-lot-one-building development in the township whenever recommended by the township engineer and approved by the Board of Supervisors.

The intention of the amendment is to require traffic-impact studies for developments that are not subdivisions or land developments by definition. Single-family homes would be excluded from this requirement.

A third amendment would decrease the parking stall minimum width from 10 feet to nine feet and minimum depth from 20 feet to 18.5 feet. Another amendment would include a stormwater management section that covers general, plan and design requirements included in the proposed ordinances.

The Bucks County Planning Commission recommended adoption of the shopping center yard requirements and the parking stall size without comment on Aug. 20. The commission also recommended adoption of the traffic-impact study requirement and the stormwater management addition with revisions.

The suggested revisions would include specific guidelines under which a traffic-impact study would be required. The suggested revisions would also incorporate updated standards for stormwater management.

The township planning commission reviewed the plan at Monday'smeeting and is scheduled to vote on the proposed amendments on Oct. 6.

In another matter, the commission began preliminary work on a new comprehensive plan for the township. The schedule calls for the commission to produce an updated zoning map of the township and then to identify areas of development.

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