After-school-busing Guidelines Reviewed

Posted: October 19, 1986

Members of the Octorara Area school board have reviewed proposed guidelines for the busing of students to their baby sitters' homes after school each day.

The district transports students without extra cost to their babysitters' homes, instead of the students' homes, as a service to working parents and others who are not home after school hours.

The board members reviewed the new guidelines at a work session Monday night.. The guidelines are expected to be on the board's agenda at its meeting tomorrow.

Superintendent Richard P. McAdams and members of the Parent-Teacher Organization devised the guidelines in a meeting Sept. 18. At the work session, McAdams explained the guidelines and the way parents would be informed of them.

If passed, the guidelines would require parents to make a written request for bus service by Aug. 1. The requests would be submitted to the district's transportation supervisor. Requests turned in after that date would not be processed until two weeks after the start of the school year, about Sept. 15.

In other business, the board also received copies of the Student Activity Fund Manual, which was researched over the last two years by business manager Edward E. Mulroy.

"This is to better organize the activity funds, to set policy, rules, . . . regulations and forms for our people to follow," Mulroy said.

"The auditor general is coming down hard in school districts in the Commonwealth on this," Mulroy said.

The manual, required under the state Public School Code, details proper documentation and accounting of student activity funds. Money from student organizations, extra-curricular activities and sports clubs would be better documented under the new manual.

He said the creation of the manual did not reflect any problem in the district.

"This means more work for some people - faculty advisors and numerous principals - but it's necessary," Mulroy said.

The manual also is expected to be voted on at Monday's meeting.