New Housing-density Rules Limit Number Of Units To Two Per Acre

Posted: October 19, 1986

The East Marlborough Township Supervisors have unanimously approved new limits on the housing density in the township.

On Monday night, the supervisors approved an amendment to the township's zoning ordinance and map, which were approved in 1979. The amendment limits the number of housing units to two per acre, except for three areas along Street Road, which are permitted to have three units per acre.

The previous allowance was three units per acre throughout the township.

"The building that is now going on in the township made us realize what can happen if we don't put some limits on growth," said John Hufford, chairman of the supervisors. "We want the township to retain its character."

There was some opposition to the amendment from people who felt that it did not go far enough in limiting the density of construction in the township.

Although agreeing in principle with this argument, Hufford and the other supervisors said they could not go further than limiting the number of units per acre.

"Our solicitor said that if we did, we would be subject to lawsuits and it would take several years to get any kind of amendment passed," Hufford said. In the meantime, developers would be free to build under the previous ordinance.

Hufford said that the three lots along Street Road were exempted from the amendment because Street Road is a state road and has the necessary transportation systems and sewerage to handle the greater density of houses.

The amendment also limits the number of two-family and multifamily units in a development to 30 percent of the development.

The amendment does not affect developments already approved.

Also Monday night, the supervisors gave preliminary approval to two sets of engineering plans for developments now under construction.

One is for stage five of the West Thomas Court development on South Orchard Valley Road. The 15.6-acre property is zoned for 52 units, but the developers - the Pinnacle Corp. - is planning only 35 units.

Construction is not scheduled to start for three to four years.

The Hicks & Danbro development, off Doe Run Road across from Denbigh Chase, also was given preliminary approval.

This development will include 25 lots on 52 acres of land.

Although both of these projects were approved before the housing-density amendment was passed, they still meet its requirements.

In other business, the supervisors passed a resolution calling for the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Routes 926 and 82, which Supervisor Jane Laslo said was among the most dangerous in the county.

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