Blue Bell Sales Hq For Unisys

Posted: November 26, 1986

Unisys Corp. said yesterday that it will combine some of its Burroughs and Sperry U.S. sales and marketing activities at the company's Blue Bell, Montgomery County, operations.

The activities to be based in Blue Bell would be for the recently merged company's commercial information processing systems.

"The merger has given us a unique opportunity to accelerate our commitment to line-of-business marketing," said Joseph Kroger, Unisys vice chairman with responsibility for worldwide commercial marketing.

Peter Hynes, Unisys spokesman, said the firm can't say how the move would affect employment at Blue Bell, where 3,500 people now work. Last week, Unisays laid off 56 workers at Blue Bell as part of a nationwide trimming of its work force.

"More than two-thirds of our branches in the U.S. and approximately 85 percent of our sales force are organized by LOB (line of business) specialty," Kroger said.

"The new organization is designed to provide worldwide strategy and direction, utilize our critical mass in LOB target areas, capitalize on Burroughs/Sperry synergies and focus our resources for maximum long-term gain. It will meet these goals while maintaining our absolute commitment of continuity of service to the Burroughs and Sperry customer base."

Kroger said that senior vice presidents Robert F. Holmes and Jan Lindelow would assist with line coordination and head the worldwide marketing staff office.

Holmes, who before the merger had been president of Burroughs Worldwide Marketing, will be responsible for marketing programs and services, major account marketing and recruitment services and will work with Kroger to coordinate domestic marketing.

Lindelow, who before the merger had been president of Sperry Information Systems Commercial Marketing, will be responsible for market strategy and development, product programs, international LOB requirements, systems network integration division and will work with Kroger to coordinate international marketing.

Kroger said the U.S. line of business organization was developed after extensive study by a Sperry/Burroughs task force and outside consultants.

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