It's Vanna White In May's Playboy

Posted: February 09, 1987

Vanna White, the Wheel of Fortune letter woman, is to be the subject of a Playboy pictorial this spring, a magazine spokeswoman said yesterday.

The pictures of White, the well-known letter-turner on the syndicated TV game show, will appear in the May issue of the magazine, said Robyn L. Radomski, Playboy's director of corporate communications.

"I haven't seen the pictures yet, because I have been out of town, but I can assure you they will be tasteful, quality shots," Radomski said.

The spokeswoman Radomski said she understood that White posed in lingerie for several of the pictures.


Ally Sheedy, Doris Day and disc jockey Casey Kasem are heading the Great American Meatout - a promotion by the Farm Animal Reform Movement to get Americans to eat less meat. The idea is for vegetarians to make a push March 20 to convince friends of the problems with red meat.

Writers Cleveland Amory and Isaac Bashevis Singer, labor leader Cesar Chavez and Tom Scholz of the rock band Boston also have lent their names to the cause.


Although Diane Keaton classifies herself as an agnostic, that didn't stop her from making a documentary about The Great Beyond. Keaton and her partner, Joe Kelly, wandered Hollywood Boulevard asking people about their impressions of heaven.

"We didn't have a whole lot of interviews with people who have full, rich lives - normal people," she says in a Vanity Fair interview. "Heaven lends itself to people with a passionate feeling about it - poetic types, dreamers, people who have a vested interest in heaven."

One of the most interesting responses came from a small boy who was asked whether there were sex in heaven. "Sure," he said, "but what happens? You make little dead people." The documentary, Heaven, will be released this spring.


Singer Whitney Houston was one of the hits of the San Remo music festival, a yearly contest showcase of Italian popular music.

This year's festival was broadcast live on state television during prime viewing time Wednesday through Saturday nights; viewers cast votes by phone on the acts. Many newspapers criticized the format, in which competitors sang the same songs every night, as being boring.

But Houston, one of the festival's featured entertainers, was called on during the final evening to do an encore of "All at Once," which she sang in a voice that critics said was rich with emotion and made most of the Italian performers pale in comparison.

"We ought to reflect more on the sculpturesque dignity of Whitney Houston," Gino Castaldo wrote in a newspaper yesterday.

The festival was won by a male trio that included veteran singer Gianni Morandi and garnered 5,575,402 votes from the public.


Actress Charlene Tilton, who used to be in the popular Dallas television series, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving Saturday after she was caught driving on the wrong side of the road, Los Angeles police said.

Tilton, 28, who portrayed Lucy, the beautiful blond niece of J. R. Ewing on the CBS series, was stopped while driving a 1986 Volvo on the wrong side of Ventura Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley, Sgt. Jay Taylor said.

Tilton failed a sobriety test and was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, Taylor said. She was released on her own recognizance.

It was not known what Tilton had been doing before the arrest, but on Friday she attended Liberace's funeral in Palm Springs, Calif.

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