Lawyer: Kin Of Carson Is Destitute

Posted: March 26, 1987

The 8-month-old granddaughter of Johnny Carson is destitute and "living in a hovel," according to an attorney representing the girl's mother, Tanena Love Green, 35, who says that her nine-year relationship with the talk-show host's eldest son, Christopher Carson, ended four months after she became pregnant.

The child, Christal Love Carson, "is living in abject poverty," Jeffrey Miller said yesterday. "I have photos of this child with rodent bites."

The high-life, low-life drama was described yesterday in the Fort Lauderdale News & Sun-Sentinel, which reported that Christopher Carson, 36, had been ordered Tuesday by a Florida court to pay $125 a week in temporary support for Christal. Her mother had sought $300 a week.

Green, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said that Johnny Carson had persuaded his son to break off his relationship with her, adding that the elder Carson might have been influenced by her being black. "I think if I had blond hair maybe, and blue eyes, his family would accept me and their grandchild," she said.

The younger Carson, who, the newspaper said, has admitted paternity, has had no visible means of support for seven years. However, he testified, he owns two cars and a $119,000 house and has a bank balance of $35,000 - all the result of gifts from his father. Christopher Carson's attorney, who offered child-support payments of $50 weekly, accused Green of trying to milk his client for support of herself and two teenage children from two previous marriages. The Broward County Circuit Court will hold a July hearing to set a final support figure. Johnny Carson's lawyer couldn't be contacted yesterday, and Carson's personal assistant said, "My comment is no comment."


Francesca Hilton, 40, daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor, yesterday was in a Los Angeles psychiatric ward, where she had been taken Monday night after bizarre public behavior that included jumping in front of cars and chasing a neighbor's maid for 1 1/2 miles. "She looked like a street person," said a police officer. Gabor's publicist said, "Zsa Zsa thinks that whatever pills (Hilton) was taking or program she was on to lose weight may have caused this." Hilton recently lost 60 pounds.

A Fort Worth, Texas, grand jury refused Tuesday to indict the daughter of House Speaker Jim Wright (D., Texas). Alicia Marie Carnes, 27, was arrested with her husband, John Thomas Carnes, 33, Oct. 19 and charged with amphetamine possession. "I just think they felt sorry for her," said the prosecutor.


Witnesses at London's Heathrow Airport said that Joan Collins got heavily into her Alexis Carrington TV role Tuesday when she arrived late for a flight to Los Angeles and was told that her first-class, $2,163 seat had been sold to a standby. They said she had angrily dressed down airline employees for the inconvenience. Collins, offered a seat in the less-spacious club class, grabbed it but vowed never to fly British Airways again.


Los Angeles' United Jewish Fund has canceled a scheduled April 6 speech by Ramsey Clark. But an official of the group denied that the decision was related to the former attorney general's having done legal work for the Palestine Liberation Organization and an alleged Nazi collaborator. The official, Morris Sherman, attributed the cancellation to a change in the subject of the talk from civil rights to Israel - a subject on which Clark, who will still get his $2,000 fee, is not an expert. But Rabbi Abraham Cooper, whose community center is hosting the talk, said, "It's just not appropriate for him to be paid to speak to a Jewish audience, given his associations." Clark said yesterday he would refuse the fee and accused the fund of ''politicizing human rights."


In her eagerly awaited book, due out in May, Vanna White says Playboy boss Hugh Hefner promised that he wouldn't run the revealing photos she is suing him over and then reneged. " 'Vanna, I would never do anything to hurt you,' " Hefner is quoted as saying in Vanna Speaks. White says that when she told him that running the pictures would hurt her, Hefner told her tearfully: " 'Then that's it. I won't run them. It's only money.' " Nevertheless, White writes, Hefner called her several weeks later and told her that "the matter was out of his hands - he had to run them." A Playboy spokeswoman wouldn't comment on White's personal dealings with Hefner but said that the only stipulation White had asked of the magazine was that it delay publication of the photos to dovetail with her book's release. The photos will appear in the May Playboy.


Dave Brubeck and his jazz group were greeted in Moscow with bouquets yesterday as they began a 13-concert tour in three Soviet cities. The tour had been canceled several times when relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were frosty. "It seemed absolutely the right time now," said Brubeck, 66.


That televised-live drug bust that Geraldo Rivera did in December just won't go away. Broward County, Fla., prosecutors are looking into a complaint that Rivera violated the state's strict wiretap law when he secretly recorded the voices of men during an alleged drug buy. The complaint was filed Tuesday by David Vinikoor, a lawyer for one of the men, Jose Quintero. Responded Rivera: "Dave Vinikoor is full of bull. He is obviously desperate to find any defense because his client was caught red-handed dealing large amounts of cocaine."

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