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Posted: April 08, 1987

Robert Palmer, the British "blue-eyed soul singer," stars tonight at midnight on "Live Jam" on WYSP (FM/94).

The music on the hour-long program is from Palmer's live album, "Maybe It's Live," recorded at the Dominion Theater in London in 1980 and released in 1982. It includes two monster hits - "Every Kinda People" (1978) and ''Bad Case of Loving You" (1979). Palmer's latest smash was "Addicted to Love."


Tonight at 8, WHYY (FM/91) broadcasts the third in a series of four live programs by Curtis Institute of Music alumni. Marilyn Costello, Philadelphia Orchestra's principal harpist, performs solo harp pieces by Carlos Salzedo, her teacher.


WIP (AM/610). On his 6-8 p.m. sports call-in talk show, Bill Campbell interviews Billy Cunningham, ex-Sixers coach-turned-CBS commentator . . . The relationship between people and their cars will discussed on tonight's 11 p.m.-5 a.m. "Larry King Show" by Oxford University's Peter Marsh and Peter Collett.


WCAU (AM/1210). Anita Gevinson, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., talks with Werner Klemperer, Colonel Klink of TV's "Hogan's Heroes (at 11) and Richard Dean Anderson of TV's "McGyver" (at noon) . . . At 1 p.m. on Dr. Marty Weisberg's ''Speaking of Your Health Show," Sacred Heart Hospital's Dr. Michael Greenberg talks about emergency room medicine . . . At 3 p.m. on Harry Gross's ''Speaking of Your Money" show, lawyer/physician Jerry Zaslow tells why he thinks current insurance rate hikes are forcing doctors and companies to close up shop.

WHYY (FM/91). At 3 p.m. on Dan Gottlieb's "Family Matters," the psychologist joins social worker David Henrich in discussing how to cope with physical and emotional disabilities . . . At 4 p.m. on "Fresh Air," host Terry Gross talks with folk artist Robin Williamson - co-founder of the Incredible String Band who now is performing Celtic music.

WDVT (AM/900). At 9:30 a.m., Carol Saline talks with two volunteer narrators about Annenberg Center's "Seeing Theater for the Blind." Following, at 10 a.m., Saline discusses the Catholic Church's medical ethics and reproductive technology with a priest, a female rabbi and a physician.

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