Kerr Probably Won't Play; Sinisalo Might

Posted: May 26, 1987

EDMONTON — Last call for Tim Kerr likely will go unanswered.

Kerr, who near the end of the Montreal series was optimistic about his chances of playing sometime during the final, shook his head without comment when asked if he would try it tonight in Game 5.

The Flyers have had little reason to be encouraged about their top goal scorer's left shoulder, which will need two separate rotator cuff repairs as soon as the playoffs are over. Every time he has tried to shoot in practice, his arm has gone dead on him again.

But rest would then regenerate it to a point. Kerr thus thought he might be able to play one game, and that left coach Mike Keenan the decision of choosing which one.

It now appears they have given up hope.

Ilkka Sinisalo's latest in a seasonlong list of injuries is pinched cartilage in his left knee that kept him out of Games 3 and 4. But he expressed hope Sunday night that he would be available for Game 5. A decision will not likely be made until after the warm-up, as it was on Sunday night.

The Flyers thus engaged the best offensive team in NHL history in Games 3 and 4 without two of their three most naturally gifted goal scorers (Brian Propp qualifies as the other).

Psychology Department: "We've scouted Ron Hextall," Edmonton coach Glen Sather said Sunday night. "And we know his weaknesses."

Keep the Faith Department: Game 6 would be Thursday night at the Spectrum, Game 7 back in Edmonton on Sunday.

At any rate, the Flyers and Oilers already have booked an exhibition game in September in Dallas. By the way, the Flyers also will meet the U.S. Olympic team at the Spectrum. The date will be announced later.

Time Flies When You're Having a Good Time Department: If you are disappointed that the season will not, as originally promised, go into June this year, here is one consolation:

Canada Cup practice begins Aug. 1. Pelle Eklund will play for Sweden and Brian Propp and Dave Poulin are likely invitees to the Canada camp. Kerr would be, too, but his shoulder surgery will force him to beg off.

It is unlikely wild horses could drag Mark Howe to the Team U.S. camp. The Flyers are not likely to be interested in talking him into it, either.

How Low Can You Go Department: Sather was spat upon and swung at by a fan

from behind the bench at the end of Sunday night's game.

"How come the glass here is so low?" he wondered later after complaining to security. "Maybe we'll lower it behind the visitors' bench in Edmonton."

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