Group Seeks Funding For Playground

Posted: June 14, 1987

If the local business community comes through with funding, the more than 3,000 school-age children in Voorhees Township may get a new playground.

The Voorhees Township Committee last Monday agreed to provide the Osage Parent Faculty group with $5,000 toward the purchase of the playground, which would be next door to the Osage Elementary School on Burnt Mill Road. The design of the playground would be similar to one constructed at the Clara Barton school in Cherry Hill last year, according Linda Nichols, a member of the parent-teacher group.

The Board of Education has agreed to help maintain the facility.

In addition to the $5,000 from the Township Committee, the group has raised $5,000 for the playground and hopes to bring in an additional $5,000 through donations from large corporations that are based in the area. The group needs a total of about $15,000.

Nichols said the parent-teacher group had received encouragement from some local businesses but no commitments yet.

There is a hitch, too: On July 17, the Brick Township, N.J., manufacturer of the playground will no longer offer the facility at a sale price, and the price will go up by $5,000.

Township Committee members praised the group's funding efforts but expressed concern that other parent-teacher groups in the township would request similar backing from the committee.

In another matter, the committee appointed detective Edward Simpson to

serve on the Neighborhood Dispute Committee. The committee was formed 10 months ago to allow neighbors to settle disputes without going to Municipal Court, said Mayor James J. Curran. The committee consists mostly of private citizens, the mayor said.

Officials believed a police officer's expertise in handling disputes would be beneficial to the committee.

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