Playboy Joins Age Of Electronics

Posted: July 12, 1987

Hold on to your seats, guys. Playboy Magazine is now available on computer.

Right now you can read this month's table of contents, some of the ads, cartoons, quotes from the Playboy Interview, the Playboy Advisor and a full- length article. And there is a pictorial! But more on that later.

Playboy, now 33 years old and read by 16 million readers worldwide, has spawned Playboy Online. Aimed at attracting computer users to read the magazine, it is available on several computer information networks and electronic bulletin boards across the country. It costs only the regular online charges.

Right now, only Macintosh owners with a modem and MacRead software can enjoy Playboy Online. But, according to Playboy, the service will soon be available for Apple and IBM compatible computers. If the new venture is successful, Playboy plans to introduce features in the computer version that won't be found in the actual magazine.

Now, about those pictorials. What Playboy has done is taken regular photographs of the Playmates and scanned them, reduced them and digitized them for computer displays. And there are no staples to get in the way.

If you'd like, you can print out the digitized images on your printer. Miss June was Sandy Greenberg, 28, from St. Louis. There were two digitized photos of her, along with some of the text and the datasheet of her likes and dislikes that goes with the pictorial.

"The centerfold is too big to digitize and fit on a Macintosh screen," says Playboy's Bill Paige. "So that has to be cropped."

To be honest, computer graphics have a long way to go before Playboy Online will rival good photography. At 300 dots per inch, Miss Digitized June on a Macintosh screen is a lot different from Miss June in the magazine.

However, this is just the beginning. One can only imagine the possibilities that the editors at Playboy might dream up. Speech-synthesized Playmates of the Month. Digitized pictorials that move.

If you want to know more, contact Playboy at Playboy Online, the Playboy Building, 919 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago Ill. 60611.

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