Radio Waves Station To Station Highlights

Posted: July 21, 1987

The guy who played the rock disc jockey in "American Graffiti" - the classic George Lucas 1973 film that nostagically re-created the 1960s teen scene - was a gruff-voiced real life DJ named Wolfman Jack (real name Robert Smith, from Brooklyn).

Tonight at 11, Wolfman talks with Larry King about the days when the Wolfman Jack show was heard on more than 2,000 radio stations - including the Bakersfield, Cal. station on which George Lucas listened to Wolfman's patter and music.

Wolfman Jack recalls that when he met Elvis Presley years ago, Elvis asked for his autograph. In the late 1970s, Wolfman hosted a television music show called "The Midnight Special." Tune in tonight to learn what Wolfman is doing now.


Feminist Gloria Steinem discusses the progress of the women's movement since 1972 with Terry Gross on WHYY (FM/91) tonight at 7:25 on "Fresh Air." Jazz pianist/singer/composer Bob Dorough is the second guest.

English rocker Peter Gabriel's music appears twice tonight on WYSP (FM/94), in addition to performing live at The Spectrum. Side 1 of Gabriel's "So" is heard on Mike Wolf's "7 o'clock Sideshow." Tonight's "Midnight Classic Album" is "Peter Gabriel," recorded in 1978.

Records by jazz/pop singer Kay Starr will be heard today and tonight on WPEN (AM/950). Today is her 65th birthday.


WWDB (FM/96.5). Deanna Sclar, who claims to be an expert on do-it-yourself car care, guests tomorrow at 11 a.m. on the Susan Bray show. Sclar is the host of a videotape called "Auto Repair for Dummies." The tape gives tips on how to make easy repairs to your car.

WDVT (AM/900). Mark Stevens and Jerry Gross talk with Carol Saline at 10 a.m. tomorrow about the Dovels and their Bristol Stomp dance that was the rage of the teen-agers in the 1950s.

WCAU (AM/1210). Scott Turow, author of "Presumed Innocent," a best- selling book, talks with Anita Gevinson tomorrow at 10 a.m.

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