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Posted: August 03, 1987


T. Harvey: It's obvious you could not comprehend my letter. Only a racist would have suggested firehoses and dogs for the mobs on Dr. J Day. What other race in United States history has been subjected to such measures? You say a thug is a thug no matter what color. Did you suggest dogs and hoses on white thugs who looted when Villanova won the basketball championship and when they go to Fort Lauderdale and Wildwood and destroy towns?

You're right, I have sympathy for any Afro-American, including Delbert Africa, who was brutally kicked and beaten by white police. I am totally against MOVE's actions and philosophy, but as a proud Afro-American woman, I refuse to sit by when people ask for a return to police brutality against Afro-Americans.

If you had read my first letter carefully, you would not have seen one excuse for the mob.

Harlon Campell: You said in your letter of July 9 it's easier to hire whites because if they're fired, they can't claim discrimination as can Afro- Americans. The minimal discrimination whites receive can't compare to what Afro-Americans have suffered since white Europeans brought us to Virginia in 1619. Your excuse for not hiring Afro-Americans is weak and will not stop us from achieving employment opportunities because we are qualified to be baseball managers, Supreme Court justices, doctors, lawyers and the list goes on and on.

Patrice Morton

Willow Grove


I think all animals are just as important as people. I do not think people should kill animals, because animals are just as important as people, because they were the ones who created the forest. Because when God created the world, the animals were the ones who ate the plants. And as more and more animals came on the earth, the world got more and more interesting. But we have to eat. We do not need fur coats. We can use fabric for coats.

Ruth Schwartz


Editor's Note: Ruth is 9 years old.


Now that the William Penn statue atop City Hall is receiving the attention it so richly deserved - thanks to the generosity of the people of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and our neighboring states - additional attention should be made to William Penn the man!

Interestingly, Penn is rarely mentioned in connection with the We the People 200 extravganza. However, lest we forget, Penn worked hard to protect the rights of personal conscience and freedom of religion. The principle of religious freedom which he espoused helped to lay the groundwork for the First Amendment to our Constitution!

Elaine Peden, 1st Vice President

Philadelphia Boosters Association


Can "We the People" do anything in 1987 without harassment? It seems to me that a lot more restrictions are being imposed on crowds during the 200th anniversary of the Constitution year than during the 200th celebration in 1976 of the birth of our nation.

Security is utterly ridiculous this year. It is sad when you have to submit American citizens to purse searching and metal detectors. The poor people just want to get a look at the ceremonies and the dignitaries. Our present mayor had more of an armed camp this year than Frank Rizzo ever dreamed of 1976. I remember 1976, and attending most of the major ceremonies that year, and I do not recall ever seeing any security people anywhere annoying American citizens.

Mayor Rizzo was an ex-police commissioner, but compared to 1987, he ran the celebration in 1976 in such a way that people did not feel harrassed. Mayor Goode runs his celebration like some dictator, and the citizens are treated in a very un-American way.

Gerald J. Ziccardi


I ask you to contemplate the words of someone on your (too obviously) side of the political fence - Sen. George Mitchell, D-Maine, to Lt. Col. North (July 13):

"I have one final plea: Debate this issue forcefully and vigorously, as you have and as you surely will. But, please, do it in a way that respects the patriotism and the motives of those who disagree with you, as you would have them respect yours."

Why do you editors, writers and all of the cartoonists show zero respect for the other majority's point of view?

Linda Wright Avery's perceived racist society will not change, even if it should, due in some small part because of her attitude towards whites. Sandy Grady's seven-year disrespectable diatribes about Reagan just solidify all conservatives. Jack McKinney seems to be totally out of focus on most issues to the point of being an embarrassment, kind of like old Sam Donaldson on the tube. The cartoonists (all) and Jill Porter are pure trash.

"United we stand" - you surely promote absolutely no unity - "Divided we fall." Is this your goal for the country?

Sam Swindell


It is inconceivable that developer Ernest A. Edwards had eight out of 10 charges dropped.

The city is rife with mismanagement, corruption, and money disappearing into many a undeserving pocket! I don't know what's going on with the justice system, but it's obvious the man has to answer a few questions. His past and present business practices are shrouded in a mist of inconsistencies. At the very least, he has to answer some questions and be held accountable for any crimes committed.

The need to put the MOVE tragedy behind us is evident, but that doesn't mean alleged crimes (with taxpayers' money) should be swept under the rug. It is my hope that District Attorney Ronald Castille is successful in re- introducing charges and prosecuting to the fullest where guilt is found.

Mark Mauer

The judge put Ron Castille's pre-election Edwards nonsense in the trash where it belongs. And one of the two pending counts against Edwards is no more than one's word against another. To save face, Castille will try to find a judge stupid enough to hold a trial.

Who ever heard of arresting a company head for spending money provided for a cost overrun? If so, most contractors would be in jail.

Someone in the DA's office needs help.

J.R. Monroe


On July 2, you printed a letter from the staff of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, obviously upset that the real Frank Pepe was uncovered during the course of Nicholas DiPiero's trial. Apparently, these people were offended that the defense attorney unveiled the lack of credibility of Pepe, who was testifying under a grant of immunity.

According to the information presented during the trial, Pepe was making obscene telephone calls but refused to seek help. While on the witness stand, Pepe testified he had falsified expense vouchers, thereby embezzling union

funds. The FBI agent who investigated the case had difficulty attesting to Pepe's credibility although he (Pepe) was the government's star witness.

Despite the facts, Pepe is praised by his fellow workers and continues his employment with the union. Further, according to the petition, the jurors, the press, defense and government witnesses were all wrong, and Frank Pepe was telling the truth.

Our family was in the courtroom during the entire trial. We know who lied and who told the truth. Since only a handful of the staff were present, for only portions of the trial, I fail to see how the staff can make any objective evaluation of what took place.

I should not be surprised, though! Recent events at the union indicate that objectivity and honesty are discouraged unless otherwise directed. I feel sorry for the union members, who my father always worked so hard to represent. The true story is being kept from them. My father, who always has the members' interests at heart, sits at home while those who only care about themselves and their own interests continue to play politics.

Richard S. DiPiero

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