Celebrating 'Harmonic Convergence' With Earth

Posted: August 13, 1987

The Medical Mission Sisters are sponsoring a public sunrise service Sunday to celebrate the "Harmonic Convergence," a global healing event that will encourage people to change their attitudes toward the Earth and to stop abuses of the Earth.

The service, which will be at 6 a.m. on the Mission Sisters grounds at 8400 Pine Rd., will consist of singing and meditation, according to Sister Estelle


Earthings, a Mission Sisters project concerned with the well-being of the Earth, is sponsoring the service. The group also operates a recycling center.

The Harmonic Convergence, which has been prophesied by Native American religions and other spiritual traditions, marks a time for people to change their relationship with the Earth from one of conflict to one of cooperation, Sister Demers said.

"People don't seem to notice what they do to the Earth," she said. "We want people to stop thinking that they can take whatever they want from the Earth and poison the Earth with insecticides."

Sister Demers said the Harmonic Convergence will be an opportunity to change physical and spiritual attitudes toward the Earth.

"One big way that we can change is to rearrange our priorities. If we see the Earth as a place we belong to, we will change our actions toward it," she said.

For the celebration of this world-wide event, a symbolic 144,000 people are expected to gather at many "sacred sites" - such as Stonehenge in England, considered to have been a center of pre-Christian worship and astronomical worship, and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city in Peru - to restate their commitment to a unified Earth, Sister Demers said.

"The number is symbolic because it is representative of the whole Earth. The thinking is that if these 144,000 people can get together to do something, everyone can," she said.

Because the service will take place outside, the Medical Mission Sisters have suggested that participants bring a folding chair or mat to sit on.

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