Radio Waves Station To Station Highlights

Posted: August 31, 1987

Robert Goulet has been a fixture on the nightclub scene for more than 20 years, known by the title "Mr. Las Vegas." Not only does Goulet perform in this glitziest of towns, he even lives there. The mellow voice, swaggering gait and bedroom eyes make him a big favorite with audiences.

Although he hasn't had a hit record for some time, Goulet still sells out his performances. Larry King talks with Goulet at midnight on WIP (610/AM).


Before the advent of television, millions of people were entertained by radio, whose programs were followed just as religously as today's TV soap operas. Radio had a magic that television could never match. It challenged the listener to use his imagination, to envision in his own mind what the characters looked like, how they walked, where they were.

WCAU (1210/AM) broadcasts a wide range of radio classics. Tonight at 8 host Gary Hodgson introduces three programs, including "Famous Jury Trials" (dramatized court scenes), "The Aldrich Family" (a comedy focusing on a

drug store in local West Chester), and "Cavalcade of America" (with featured news of national and international importance.)

The music of Billy Joel often deals with the seedier side of life, focusing on desperate people with no direction and little hope of things getting better. Tonight at 7 p.m., Mike Wolf on WYSP (94/FM) spins Side 2 of one of Joel's best efforts, "Songs in the Attic," off CD.


Adolescence is a difficult period in life. Kids are just discovering the opposite sex and gaining a sense of independence. It can be just as hard on the parents of an adolescent as it is on the youngster. Dr. Ann Peterson, Dean of Penn State's College of Health and Human Development, talks with Susan Bray at 9 a.m. tomorrow on WWDB (96.5/AM) about how parents should deal with their growing children.

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