Giddy Flyers Taste Champagne

Posted: September 16, 1987

HAMILTON, Ontario — Team Canada's victory parade, alas, will not go up Broad Street. Brian Propp and Rick Tocchet were feted this morning in civic ceremonies from their coach seats on a 9 a.m. flight home.

But seeing the two Flyers curled up together in a relatively quiet corner of the champagne-soaked locker room, passing a bottle after winning the Canada Cup last night, was very much a Philadelphia moment.

Propp has been to the Stanley Cup finals three times in his eight Flyer seasons and Tocchet twice in his three. Both played in this tournament coming off the ultimate disappointment, a loss in Game 7 last spring.

This time they won.

"It's something I'm going to have now for the rest of my life," said Propp, his face brighter than at any time one could recall in the last eight years. "I was on a championship team.

"And now that I know what it tastes like, I can't wait for the playoffs next spring so I can do it again. I've been in that other locker room too many times. I know now how much better it feels in here."

Tocchet's sprained left knee was wrapped a lot tighter than his head as he enjoyed more and more of the taste of champions.

"God, I can't even believe I'm on this team, let alone that we won. Just this little taste is something Brian and Doug (Crossman) and Ron (Hextall) and I can bring back to the Flyers. I know what it's like now."

And what it's like, according to Wayne Gretzky, who added his second Canada Cup to his three Stanley Cups, is every bit as much fun.

"Just as good," Gretzky said. "The caliber of this tournament makes winning this just as big an accomplishment."

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