Krewstown Coalition Appeals Condo Decision

Posted: November 05, 1987

The Krewstown Homeowners Coalition has appealed a decision by the Zoning Board of Adjustment permitting the construction of 46 condominiums on Krewstown Road off Bustleton Avenue.

Attorney Stanley R. Krakower, who was recently hired by the coalition, filed the appeal in Common Pleas Court on Monday.

Krakower, who specializes in zoning law, has represented about a dozen civic associations throughout the city, including those in Burholme and Bridesburg in the Northeast.

Stanley Kress, one of the coalition organizers, said the group had spent the last few weeks trying to raise money and community support for the appeal.

Kress said that the coalition was able to raise enough funds to pay for initial appeal proceedings but that it would need to continue its fund-raising activities should the appeal be pursued further.

The cost of the appeal through the courts is estimated at $4,000, Kress said.

Coalition members said they opposed the construction of the condominiums

because they believed the condominiums would increase traffic problems along Krewstown Road, make parking more difficult and ruin the residential character of the community.

The zoning board approved the condominium complex in October, but it called on the developer, Norwalk Investment Corp., to reduce the size of its project

from 52 to 46 condominiums.

The development site is off Bustleton Avenue, behind Moss Plaza and Paul's Run, a retirement community.

Plans for the complex include a swimming pool and parking spaces for 70 cars.

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