Water-ice Window Proposal Is Getting A Cool Reception

Posted: November 12, 1987

Lawncrest has the usual litany of city problems - rats, abandoned cars, vandalism and illegal dumping.

Now comes water ice.

At a Lawncrest Community Association meeting Tuesday George and Mary Sebold, of the 400 block of Sanger Street, and some of their neighbors objected to a proposed water-ice window in a building occupied by Sensation Tanning Salon and Hair Tech Unlimited in the 5700 block of Rising Sun Avenue.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment has set a hearing for Tuesday on the owners' request for a permit to operate the window during the summer. The Sebolds said they planned to attend.

But Jerry Czarick, co-owner of the businesses, said in an interview Wednesday that he has plenty of support in the neighborhood. He called his proposed venture "first-class, serious water ice" and his opponents ''nitwits."

"This is free enterprise. They think it's Russia," he said.

Residents who oppose his idea said that it would exacerbate existing problems with rats, trash, parking and traffic in the neighborhood, which already has a Dairy Queen, Pippo's Pizza and Restaurant, and Mil-Lee's Luv-Inn Diner.

"We already get napkins, food, cups, straws, half-finished ice creams, sodas thrown in our yards," said George Sebold.

But Czarick said in the interview, "Before we came into this community two years ago, this building was a disaster area. I guess they'd rather have it all dilapidated." Now, the building has been renovated, a concrete patio has been built and flowers have been planted. "It's an asset to the community. We spent a lot of money here," he said, calling residents' objections ''nonsense."

Phillip J. Grutzmacher, association president, told the 20 residents at Tuesday's meeting that "concrete problems" with the water-ice proposal should be emphasized at the zoning hearing, such as its proximity to their homes and the effect it would have on the neighborhood.

In other business, Jim Burke of the 400 block of Godfrey Avenue complained of rats drawn by illegal trash dumping in his area and others asked what to do about abandoned cars.

Grutzmacher suggested that residents call the city about the rats and the Second District police about the cars.

Reports that windows at Germantown Savings Bank, Colonial Village Meat Markets and Laser Lube, all in the 5900 block of Rising Sun Avenue, had been smashed on Oct. 30 were confirmed by Gene Winiecki, president of the Lawncrest Town Watch.

Police have a suspect but have not made an arrest yet, he said.

And residents discussed possible solutions to illegal dumping on Newtown Avenue along Tookany Creek Park, including reversing the one-way direction of the road and pressing the city for more frequent cleanups.

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