2 Charged In Abduction Face Preliminary Hearing Today

Posted: November 19, 1987

Two Bucks County residents accused of abducting two Horsham sisters are scheduled to appear before District Justice Kenneth Nonneman in Horsham today for a preliminary hearing on charges ranging from kidnapping to criminal conspiracy.

George Francis Ward, 29, of Croydon, and Susan Carr, 24, of Chalfont, were arrested by Warminster Police last Thursday and charged with the kidnapping of Colleen McParland, 18, and her sister Kelly McParland, 15.

Ward and Carr also have been charged by Horsham police with robbery, two counts of terroristic threats, two counts of unlawful restraint, possession of an instrument of crime, theft, two counts of reckless endangerment and two counts of kidnapping.

In addition, Ward was charged with five counts of criminal conspiracy and possession of a .32-caliber handgun. Additional charges against Carr were four counts of criminal conspiracy, two counts of theft and the unauthorized use of a vehicle - Colleen McParland's 1971 Chevrolet.

If convicted, Ward could face up to 168 years in prison and fines totaling $272,500, Nonneman said. Carr could be sentenced to 140 years in prison and be fined up to $245,000, he said.

Police said the incident began about 5 p.m. Nov. 11 during a snowfall when Ward and Carr offered to help the McParlands change a flat tire on Blair Mill Road outside the Village Mall.

Police quoted the sisters as saying the man talked them into staying in his car with Carr while he changed the tire. After the tire was repaired, Ward

reappeared, brandishing a .32-caliber revolver and warning the sisters not to get out of the vehicle.

Police said Carr got into Colleen McParland's 1971 Chevrolet and followed Ward, who drove into Warminster Township and past the Warminster police station in a residential neighborhood on Henry Avenue.

Police said that Colleen McParland told them that she saw a police car coming toward them in an opposite lane and grabbed Ward's steering wheel, trying to drive the car into the patrol car. She said she also wrestled with Ward for the gun, then jumped out of the moving vehicle with her sister, according to police.

Police said that Ward drove away and that Carr abandoned the Chevrolet a few blocks away after driving the car up on a curb.

The two were arrested by Warminster police after police answered a call about an unrelated incident at a home on Olive Street. The arresting officer, Paul Petrun, was the driver of the patrol car into which the sisters reportedly had tried to crash. He spotted Ward in the house and recognized him as the driver of the car with the two sisters, police said. Carr later also was found in the house and arrested.

In addition to the Montgomery County charges, Carr and Ward have been charged by Warminster police with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and criminal conspiracy. A preliminary hearing on those charges has been scheduled for Dec. 9 before District Justice James Kelly.

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