Bowie Won't Face A Rape Indictment

Posted: November 19, 1987

A grand jury in Dallas refused to indict David Bowie on rape charges

because of a lack of evidence, the district attorney's office announced yesterday. Wanda Nichols, 30, had accused the rocker of forcing himself on her in his hotel room after a concert last month. Bowie, 40, now touring Australia, acknowledged having spent the night with Nichols but called rape charges "ridiculous" and a ploy by Nichols for attention. In a related matter, Bowie's lawyer said his client was willing to take an AIDS test (Nichols said Bowie told her he had the disease) as long as she promised not to sue him for damages. Nichols has already tested negative for AIDS.


A Big Apple nightclub owner has withdrawn an offer of $60,000 for a five- week gig by Italian parliament member Ilona Staller because she won't tone down her act. Since her election this year, the porn star known as Cicciolina ("little fleshy one"), has spent considerably more time outraging citizens of various cities by baring her breasts than she has working in parliament.

Samiha Koura, who runs Manhattan's Cafe Versailles, said she had had Staller's act checked out recently and had been told it was too much, even for Gotham. When she asked Staller if she could cool it some, the lawmaker refused, and the booking was scrapped.


Lee Iacocca, whose 1982 autobiography sold more than seven million copies and was translated into 17 languages, has signed with the publisher to do another book. "It will not be a sequel to his autobiography," said a Bantam Books exec. "But it will be nonfiction, including personal history and straight talk about various issues on his mind and on the mind of the readers." No word on a publication date or who will write it. William Novak, who ghosted Iacocca's best seller, is busy on another book.

New Yorker Joseph Brodsky, 47, who won this year's Nobel Prize in literature 15 years after being exiled from the Soviet Union as a "social parasite," will be published legally in his homeland for the first time next month in Novy Mir (New World), the country's most respected literary magazine. Brodsky's work has only been available in Soviet underground publications. A Novy Mir editor denied that the prize had anything to do with the action but praised Brodsky as one "without whom it is impossible to picture modern poetry."


Nancy Reagan has sent a personal letter to Raisa Gorbachev, inviting her to join the first lady for tea, a tour of the White House and "some private time together" on the second day of next month's U.S.-Soviet summit, it was announced yesterday. A spokeswoman said Reagan was responding to a "special request" by the Soviet leader's wife for a tour with emphasis on the mansion's art treasures and historic restoration. The spokeswoman said the tour would include the private presidential quarters.


A Los Angeles Superior Court refused Tuesday to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Marc Christian against Rock Hudson's estate. Christian, Hudson's live-in lover until shortly before the actor's death two years ago, is seeking $11 million for medical care in case he develops AIDS, which killed Hudson.


Betty Ford, 69, will have non-emergency heart bypass surgery tomorrow at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. Doctors said they expected the former first lady, who has been undergoing tests at the hospital since Sunday, to be home for Thanksgiving. Last July, Ford had surgery on her carotid arteries at the center.

Jessica McClure, the little girl rescued from a well Oct. 16 after being trapped for 58 hours, will go home tomorrow. Doctors at Midland Hospital in Midland, Texas, said that Jessica, who has undergone six operations, had lost about a third of her right foot and still faced extensive therapy to learn to walk again.


True to her word to follow in her husband's air paths, the Duchess of York made a perfect takeoff and landing of a helicopter yesterday in Benson, England, as her instructor watched from the ground. Prince Andrew, an officer in Britain's navy, was not around as his wife took the controls, decked out in flower-patterned pants and a blue bomber jacket. Last February, the duchess (better known as Fergie) became the first female member of the royal family to qualify as an airplane pilot, insisting then that she would eventually fly helicopters. Ironically, Andrew will shift from air to sea duty early next year.


Republican Donald Trump has been asked to host a major Democratic fund- raising event next year by House Speaker Jim Wright and U.S. Rep. Beryl Anthony Jr. (D., Ark.). The two, who visited Trump at his Manhattan Trump Towers headquarters Monday, said they wanted the tycoon to chair Washington's 25th annual Democratic Congressional Dinner because he has the new image the Democratic Party wants to project. Trump, 41, said he would consider the request but added: "A change in parties would probably be unlikely."


The IRS has told designer Mary McFadden she cannot deduct her hairdressing expenses, which came to $4,515 in 1982 and $3,495 in 1983. McFadden tried to justify the amounts by noting she was "noted professionally for her distinctive hairstyle." That's great, said the IRS, but it's still not deductible. The IRS is trying to recover $130,965 in taxes for the period 1980 to 1983.

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