Bumper Bowling Is Up Kids' Alley

Posted: February 02, 1988

Preschooler Chris McCann pushed the ball down the lanes and watched as a few pins fell.

"It didn't go into the gutter," he shouted to his mother.

Not that he could have thrown a gutter ball even if he wanted to, because the gutters were filled with 50-foot, blue inflatable tubes. Anytime a ball rolled far right or left, it was pushed back onto the lane.

Welcome to bumper bowling.

Steve Faunce, manager of the Warminster Thunderbird Lanes, said the idea is to get youngsters interested in bowling.

"The kids use six- and seven-pound balls, but those who are too young to lift, push the ball," Faunce said. "And the excitement shows on the faces of the youngsters as they knock down pins on each throw."

"We have bumper bowling in all five of our centers, and the response has been overwhelming," said Norm Brumberg, owner of the Thunderbird Lanes. "Now parents can bring in their young children, and they can bowl bumper lanes while their parents bowl on regular lanes."

NOTES. Many bowlers from the Philadelphia area have high hopes for doing well in the first $50,000 Showplace Classic under way at the Showplace Bowling Center on Staten Island. A prize of $10,000 is guaranteed to winners in both the men's and women's divisions, with $5,000 for second place. The Showplace Classic runs through March 27.

A BPA Regional tournament is scheduled for Feb. 27-28. For information contact Robert Kornfeld, tournament director, Showplace Bowling Center, 141 E. Service Road, Staten Island, N.Y. 10314.

The best scores in the area, as reported to The Inquirer:


Three games: Bruce Elia, Maple Friday Mixed, 785; Paul Rhoads, Maple Friday Mixed, 730; Frank Kopervos, 718; Pat Engro, Facenda Ridge American, 713; Kurt Wolfheimer, Facenda Whitaker, 705; Chuck Tancini, Ridge American, 691; A. Spotts, T-Bird Lanes Holme, 658.

Four games: Rhoads, 888; George Gail, Maple 3-Man, 850; Mike Ludwig, Jubilee Classic, 845; Vince Lucci 3d, Jubilee Classic, 840; Joe Weldon, Jubilee Classic, 837; Chuck Bloom, Jubilee Classic, 834.

Single games: Elia, 299; Harry Carpenter, Plymouth Andorra Men, 298; Rhoads, 289; Wolfheimer, 289; Kopervos, 289; Charles Marcakis, Plymouth UNISYS, 279; Brian Berkhardt, Plaza Tuesday A's, 276; John Biscotti, Facenda Friday, 268; George Weaver, Plaza Wednesday A's, 267; Weldon, 266; Larry Fazio, Facenda Whitaker, 266; Rich Friscia, Facenda Celebrity A, 265; K. Womer, T-Bird Holme, 264; Walt Eckman, Facenda Galaxy, 258; Randy Ullrich, Ridge American, 257; Scott Dimeler, Plaza Wednesday Night Mixed, 257; Lucci, 255.


Three games: Vernetta Holman, Center Lanes West Philly Mixed, 697; Judy Lloyd, Phoenix All Stars, 693; Nancy Moore, Phoenix All Stars, 676; Jan Brown, Phoenix All Stars, 669; Dottie Toy, Plaza Goodtime Gals, 659; Ruth Davis, Phoenix All Stars, 655; Barbara Mohn, Phoenix All Stars, 645; Joann Bardman, Phoenix All Stars, 636; Terry Mahoney, Street Lanes Tuesday Night Flower, 635; Lois Mitchell, Center Lanes, NBA 1, 635; Kathy Frey, Phoenix All Stars, 625; Barb Hettel, Phoenix All Stars, 625; Vera Chell, Phoenix All Stars, 618; Judy Fitzcharles, Phoenix All Stars, 618; Gloria Lee, Facenda Hopkin, 616; Barbara Burris, Facenda Animal Crackers, 613; Monica Donnelly, Phoenix All Stars, 612; Pat Merca, Jubilee Sheehy Ford, 612; Sally A. Wright, Gehris Lanes, Starlighters Mixed, 608; Nancy Mohn, Phoenix All Stars, 608; Althea Williams, Center Lanes Streets Department, 606; Ellen Floyd, Center Lanes Streets Department, 604; Flo Griffiths, Phoenix All Stars, 601; Pearl Clark, Facenda Classic, 600; Donna Sherman, Phoenix All Stars, 600; Betty Hitchens, Plaza Swinging Trees, 592.

Single games: Mahoney, 263; Holman, 257; Lloyd, 257; Lee, 255; Brown, 247; Wright, 245; Toy, 244; Crawford, 244; Mitchell, 243; Betty Reigel, Facenda Wednesday, 242; Donnelly, 241; Mary Ann Reeves, Jubilee Classic, 240; Frey, 234; Millie Sypherd, Facenda Hopkin, 233; Burris, 232; Linda Richard, Facenda Galaxy, 232; Davis, 230.

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