Letters To The Editor

Posted: August 11, 1988


I disagree wholeheartedly with Russell Davis's letter (July 5) condemning Irish POW Joseph Doherty as a "convicted murderer" and criticism of Jack McKinney for defending him. I appreciate Mr. McKinney's efforts to provide readers with the truth behind the lies, with regard to the Doherty case, and the Irish situation in general.

Davis labels Doherty a "convicted murderer" while neglecting to mention that he was convicted in absentia by a juryless knagaroo court. He also points out that innocent people have been hurt and killed as a result of Irish Republican Army violence. This is true, but the same applies to the British army, and one must remember that IRA violence comes as a direct result of British violence and injustice.

Joe Doherty did not kill an innocent person. The British captain, in whose death Joe was allegedly involved, had no right to be in Ireland to begin with. He came as a member of a brutal army of occupation, which Doherty saw a need to defend his people against. So why does Mr. Davis call Doherty and not this Captain Westmacott the terrorist? No, Doherty is no terrorist, his only crime is his desire to see his people able to live in peace and dignity.

If Mr. Davis wants to see peace in Ireland, such condemnation would be better directed against the British government, which now maintains the suffering, the terror, the degradation which the English first brought to Ireland 800 years ago. So long as the British continue their policies and presence in Ireland, more young men and women will see the gun as their only recourse.

John K. Taylor



Marion A. Wilen (letter July 22), would you take the breath of life that you enjoy from someone else who is yearning to breathe life? Why then is it so hard to comprehend pro-lifers' staunch effort at "Operation Rescue." It's simply a matter of life and death.

You have used every rationale available to express your opposing view. Yes, there are battered children, ones who are hard to adopt, disabled, emotionally disturbed, neglected and much more. I'm sure everyone sympathizes with you and them for all the abuse.

The key word is convenience. That's what the abortion mill is. You argue for it and us against it. But, one chip at a time and the tree will fall. The tree is abortion.

Kathleen Lincoln



In reply to the article July 11: True, "they" pay tuition for nonpublic schools in the thousands of dollars - but "they" also pay taxes as do residents who don't even have children!

What would happen if all the parochial and private school children's parents decided, since taxes were so high and they couldn't afford their tuitions, to put their children in public schools, to which they were entitled?

Why are children bused out of neighborhoods where my parents and I went to school to neighborhoods much farther away?

Why not charge public school students tuition, and take the burden off the people of Philadelphia who choose to pay for their children's education and to also take the burden off those who don't even have children - instead of constantly raising taxes and asessments on our homes and paychecks?

At the least these "outsider" children learn to read and write.

Len Salinis Jr.


The misquote in the July 26 Business Section turned my statement, "It was lunacy for the city to first tear up the street, then the sidewalk, then barricade the same sidewalk, after Mellon, not the city, completed the work", into "You'd have to be a total lunatic to shop in a place you can't drive to, you can't walk to . . ."

My ire at the city was loosely translated in a fashion that does irreparable harm to a building that bends over backwards to cater to its tenants. This misquote adds credence to the fears of prospective tenants and redirects potential retail customers.

The quality of the merchandise available at Mellon Independence Center, enhanced by the beauty and grandeur of the building, creates the incentive to overlook temporary roadblocks created by our Streets Department.

Norma Kramer

Einstein Toys


We would like to comment on your tasteless cartoon (by Signe Wilkinson) showing children "diving" into a garbage dumpster and commenting that "it's just like the shore, but without the drive."

What a unique way your paper has of categorizing "the shore" north and south as an environmental hazard.

We take pride in our Cape May County beaches and are offended by you grouping "the shore" into one category. Maybe you should be a little more concise when using reference to "the shore" and specify or at least add a little character in your cartoons showing that it's the northern end of "the shore" that has a serious problem and not the southern end.

Perhaps before being so quick to label "the shore" as an environmental hazard or one large dumping zone, you should take a look at your own city's dumping problems.

Cape May County beaches do not have dirty syringes washing up on our shores nor has garbage been washing up on our beach.

The beaches belong to all of us, and it's time the news media took more responsibility when it comes to reporting on pollution and which areas of ''the shore" have been victimized by city dumping.

Cathleen Fletcher, Executive Officer

The Greater Wildwood Cape May County Board of Realtors

North Wildwood, N.J.


The most striking aspect of the Goode administration is its lack of common sense.

The latest example is the mayor's response to the tragedy of children being killed in drug wars. What makes sense is a strong police presence in the neighborhoods. Teams of uniformed officers would make a difference. Instead the mayor lays off police and bricks up abandoned houses. Drug dealers will simply move from abandoned houses to occupied houses. Criminals are deterred by police, not brick and mortar. This administration makes no sense at all.

Thomas Quirk


Our shores are being invaded by terrorists poisoning our waters, closing our beaches daily. They are out there dumping their venom, and getting away with it. The last two years have been very active.

Many years ago, someone threatened we would be attacked from within. It has happened. The missiles come in the form of deadly drugs and now, death- dealing pollution. Our children are invaded daily in grade schools, high school and finally colleges. Children as young as 7 are pushers. Teenagers earn hundreds a day. They can't read or write. Why stay in school when they can earn those kind of bucks?

It's a deadly war right here at home. The Coast Guard should be searching every boat in the marinas before they are allowed to sail. Every ship in the ocean should be a suspect. Innocent-looking people out for a day on the ocean should be searched. Sorry to say, but everyone is a suspect until this battle is won. This is a war, and we had better believe it, or lose the battle.

Everyone seems to have a free pass to our waters. The enemy mingles with us daily. They're not bombing us from the sky. Who needs Star Wars, we already have our hell on earth. Every innocent-looking corner is a possible battlefield. Lest we forget, a storm is brewing, so everybody out of the water!

Florence Barclay


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