Nature Trail Proposal Is Scrutinized By Board

Posted: October 23, 1988

Concerns over the lack of recreation in the Timberlake development have led the developers to propose a nature trail, a plan that East Brandywine officials have accepted with apprehension.

Developer Earl Savino of Chadds Ford told the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday that he had decided on a passive form of recreation instead of installing tennis courts in the 200-residence development on the west side of North Guthriesville Road, one mile north of Route 322.

Township officials had suggested building tennis courts, but Savino said homeowners would pay higher fees because of insurance liability and maintenance costs. In contrast, the trail will have low maintenance because it will be grass and will require only periodic mowing.

But board Chairman John R. Cropper questioned whether a grass trail would be appropriate since it could not be used year-round and might be difficult to walk on in some weather.

"I like the concept," Cropper said. "But people like to walk now for exercise, and I don't know if grass is a year-round surface people can use."

In response, Savino said that many of the residents, most of whom are retired, favor the idea of a trail. The residents like the quiet trail setting and look forward to being able to stroll around the community's lake, he said.

The board accepted the recreation plans for review and referred them to the Township Planning Commission for its comments.

In other business, Supervisor Alan H. McCausland announced that officials

from East Brandywine, West Brandywine and Wallace had met on Oct. 6 to discuss joining together to form an agricultural security district.

The district, according to state guidelines, would protect farm land by making farms exempt from eminent domain and by protecting farmers where development is threatening their survival. McCausland said that the township had enough land to form an individual district but that a joint venture would provide a centralized district for the region.

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