Good Student And Fast Learner Dreams Of A Mom, Dad And Cat

Posted: December 02, 1988

There is a well-adjusted-looking bug, with perky antennae, crawling across the grass in Kendra's picture. It's passing an apple tree and is headed for a row of flowers. There's a smile on the bug's face and a smile on the sun in the top corner of the page.

"Caterpillars like that are yellow, red, orange and blue," Kendra, 12, says. "They go underground in the winter and on a nice day they come out and hang around with their friends. Then they go on a branch and turn into


She signs her name to the drawing, leans back in the chair and gives a list of things she likes to do besides draw. "Me and my friends play jump rope and football when we have slacks on. And I like tennis, baseball, kickball, swimming and being a cheerleader for our J.V. (junior varsity) games."

Kendra added that it would be nice if she had a mother and dad and a cat named Foofer. They could be happy together and be nice to each other and go to the park sometimes.

She would clean her room and do dishes and help her little sister, if she had one, ride a bike. She would push the single beds close together so she and her sister could talk, and they'd both help their brother, if they had one.

Since 1983, Kendra has been in nine different foster homes. There is rejection, loss, emotional deprivation and abuse in her background.

Testing shows average to slightly below-average IQ, and Kendra is in regular fifth grade. She receives special assistance in reading, math and language.

Her teacher reports that she is a fast learner, a good student and has great potential.

"It is difficult for Kendra to trust people," her social worker says. ''She has been betrayed so many times. She desperately wants to trust and belong."

Family therapy will be provided for Kendra and her adoptive family and she is eligible for financial subsidy. She is in good health and should be allowed to maintain contact with siblings who live in other homes.

For adoption information, write to: National Adoption Center, in care of Paddy Noyes, 1218 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 19107, or phone 925-0200.

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