Frazer Man Arrested, Charged With Assault

Posted: December 04, 1988

A Frazer man who police say threatened an officer with a loaded shotgun was arrested early Nov. 26 at his apartment, where police later found a cache of weapons including two more shotguns and a high-powered bow, officials said.

Barry M. Scaringi, 32, of the 300 section of Westgate Village apartments in Frazer, was charged with simple and aggravated assault, resisting arrest and possession of instruments of crime.

According to East Whiteland Township police, Scaringi was arrested when he surrendered after a standoff with police from East Whiteland, Malvern Borough and Willistown Township.

East Whiteland police Officer B. Earl McCue said he and Officer William B. Bowes responded to a report of a late-night disturbance Nov. 25 at the apartment complex, which is at 333 Lancaster Ave. As McCue was talking with Scaringi's girlfriend, who he said had gone to a neighbor's apartment to telephone the police, Bowes approached Scaringi outside his apartment.

Because of the dark, Bowes could not see Scaringi, who reportedly had been drinking and was shouting obscenities and threats. Then, according to McCue, Bowes heard the sound of a shotgun being cocked. "If you've ever heard that sound, you know exactly what it is," McCue said in an interview Tuesday.

At that point, Bowes came into the apartment where McCue was, and Scaringi retreated into his own apartment. McCue was able to get Scaringi on the telephone, he said, "to calm him down" and persuade him to give himself up.

The police officers, now aided by other police officers from Malvern and Willistown, approached Scaringi's apartment and were able to apprehend him, McCue said.

"He had a loaded shotgun leaning right next to the door," McCue said. A search of the apartment revealed two more shotguns, four rifles, a pistol and a high-powered compound bow, which the police confiscated.

Scaringi was released on $1,000 bail. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow.

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