Scarfo Son Might Leave The Hospital

Posted: December 24, 1988

Mark Scarfo, the youngest son of mob boss Nicodemo Scarfo, might go home after Christmas from Hahnemann University Hospital, where he remains in a coma since a suicide attempt seven weeks ago, the family's attorney said this week.

"He might be going home from the hospital soon, maybe before the end of the year," said the lawyer, Robert F. Simone.

Scarfo, 17, has been unconscious since Nov. 1, when he was found hanging

from a rope in a bathroom at the family complex on North Georgia Avenue in Atlantic City. The dark-haired, blue-eyed teenager reportedly was tormented by the taunts of peers and deeply concerned about his father's racketeering trial, which ended Nov. 19 in the conviction of Scarfo and 16 mob associates.

A hospital spokeswoman said this week that Mark Scarfo's condition had not changed since he was transferred to Hahnemann from Atlantic City Medical Center on Nov. 4, three days after the incident.

"He is still critical," the spokeswoman said. "He remains in a prolonged coma."

Hahnemann officials declined to discuss the youth's care or his prognosis, citing the family's request for privacy. Scarfo's nurses have been instructed not to discuss his case even with other Hahnemann personnel, according to a hospital source.

Simone said this week that doctors have offered faint hope for Mark Scarfo's recovery.

"There's really no improvement. He's in bad shape," Simone said in an interview Wednesday.

But Simone said that the boy's mother, Dominique Scarfo, believed her son would pull out of his coma and that she wanted him to come home.

"It's hard for her to accept it," Simone said. "She's holding out hope."

Simone said that although the youth might be brought home before the end of the year, the family had made no firm decision.

Mark Scarfo is one of three sons in the Scarfo family. A preliminary hearing is scheduled next month for another son, Nicodemo Jr., 23, who was arrested last month for allegedly assaulting a woman on an elevator at Hahnemann after visiting his brother.

The elder Scarfo, 59, faces up to 55 years in prison for his conviction last month on federal racketeering and conspiracy charges. Scarfo, who is already serving a jail term for extortion, has been permitted one visit with his ailing son.

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