Accused Of 2 Murders, He Faces 3rd Rap

Posted: April 27, 1989

Alleged drug gang leader Melvin "Troy" Williams yesterday was held on charges of committing a third murder.

Following a preliminary hearing, Municipal Judge Lydia Y. Kirkland ordered Williams to stand trial on murder and robbery charges in the death of SEPTA mechanic Victor Dinan, 42.

Two other men also are charged in the murder, and Williams is charged with killing a third man involved in the crime nine days later.

Assistant District Attorney Roger King said Williams and three members of his alleged drug gang weren't satisfied with the night's take at a North Philadelphia drug house, so they went on a robbery rampage early on the morning of March 2.

When Williams saw Dinan on his way to work near 13th Street and Erie Avenue, he ordered two of his men to get out of the car and follow him, said King.

Williams and Melvin "Daddyo" Williams, 27, then drove up to the corner, stopped Dinan and announced a holdup, according to testimony at the preliminary hearing.

Dinan pushed Troy Williams and ran, according to a witness.

A few seconds later, four shots rang out and Dinan was dead, the witness said. Troy Williams, who was seen carrying a gun, and Daddyo Williams then ran to the waiting car and escaped with the two other gang members.

Last week, Troy Williams, of Westmoreland Street near 19th, also was held for trial in the March 8 murder of Michael Richards, 23, and the March 11 murder of Daddyo Williams.

King said Richards was kidnapped and driven into Fairmount Park and shot four times in the head because he was competing against Troy Williams in the

drug business. He said Daddyo Williams was slain because Williams thought he was supplying information to a rival drug ring.

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