State House Oks 2 Day-care Bills

Posted: June 28, 1989

HARRISBURG — By wide margins the state House has approved and sent to the Senate legislation designed to improve child day care.

Two bills, sponsored by state Rep. Dwight Evans, D-Philadelphia, provide state training for small day-care home operators and a statewide referral system for those seeking day care.

The measures are aimed at an estimated 3,400 operators statewide who use their homes as day-care centers for fewer than seven children.

Current law requires no licensing or inspection of such homes, and the bills passed yesterday carry no state mandates.

But Evans, who has been a prime mover on the child care issue, said the bills help to "lay a foundation" for better day care.

"We don't have a comprehensive strategy for child care in Pennsylvania," Evans said. "These bills are a start."

Training offered by the state under one of the measures would include first aid, nutrition and child development classes. That passed 180-21.

The referral system bill, which includes pilot projects for child care resources, passed 202-0.

The programs would be run by the state welfare department.

Evans said the cost of both bills is about $800,000. Although neither bill carries an appropriation, funding for both pieces is part of the current budget negotiation.

The same measures passed the House last year and died in the Senate. Evans said he thinks they stand a better chance this year because he expects "the money will be there."

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