Gift Honeymoon Ends In Tragedy Phila. Newlyweds Die In Plane Crash

Posted: October 30, 1989

Peter Wiley and Elizabeth Greene originally hadn't planned much of a honeymoon following their wedding on Oct. 21.

But when Wiley's father gave them a trip to Hawaii as a wedding gift, they changed their minds, friends and neighbors said last night.

"Peter used to vacation frequently in Hawaii with his family," said John E. McGaw, who worked with Wiley at the Central Philadelphia Development Corp.

The honeymoon apparently ended in tragedy over the weekend. The Wileys were believed to have been aboard a commuter plane that crashed Saturday night in a remote valley on the island of Molokai.

Rescuers recovered 20 bodies yesterday from the charred wreckage. There were no survivors.

Wiley, 31, of Webster Street near 25th, in the Devil's Pocket section of Grays Ferry, was executive director of the non-profit development corporation, which works for the revitalization of Center City.

Greene was a partner and vice president of ACP Enterprises, which designs and makes decorative giftware and packaging, said Rick Sirianni, the firm's president. Her father is G. Davis Greene, former state treasurer and now an aide to Gov. Casey.

The plane failed to reach Molokai Airport after leaving Kahului Airport on the island of Maui at 6:25 p.m. Saturday for a scheduled 35-minute flight, said Don Early, air traffic manager for the Federal Aviation Administration at the Honolulu Airport.

McGaw said he heard about the crash on the radio while driving to Philadelphia from New York. "I knew they were going to be flying from Kahului to Molokai on Saturday," he said. "After I reached home, I confirmed it.

Wiley "had a real joy of life. He loved Philadelphia, the wonderful things about it, its quirks, its potential, and he was quite dedicated to helping it reach that potential through revitalization of Center City. His spirit and dedication will be sorely missed."

Barbara Brady, a neighbor of the Wileys, said the couple had expected to arrive home yesterday.

"I was watching all day. I walked to the door and looked out, and their paper was still on the step. They were really nice people. They were cute together.

"They went trout fishing together. They went away for a weekend. She wasn't too thrilled at first, wasn't anxious to learn. He taught her how, then she caught the fish and he didn't. It was like a big joke.

"They would go jogging together up in Fairmount Park. They shared a lot of things together.

"They got married last weekend. They weren't going to go on a honeymoon, but his father surprised them with a honeymoon to Hawaii. They were real excited about the trip."

Brady said the Wileys "were very friendly. When they first came into the neighborhood they spoke to everyone. They never failed to say hello. They'd stand and talk, like if you were outside and they came down the street.

"It's terrible, just a shock."

Wiley, originally from Seattle, moved to Philadelphia in 1981. He was a graduate of Denison University in Granville, Ohio.

He was hired as associate director of the development corporation in 1985, then was named acting director, and in early 1986 became executive director. He was active in an effort by the organization to limit billboards on Vine Street and approaches to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

He also was a board member of Leadership Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes leadership through educational programs, workshops and seminars.

Greene, who had lived in Mount Airy, was a graduate of Germantown Friends School and Smith College. McGaw said she was a student in the graduate program for historical preservation at the University of Pennsylvania.

The crash victims also included eight members of Molokai High School's volleyball teams, the coach of the girl's team and the school's athletic director, Principal Clifford Horita said.

The Aloha Island Air DH6 Twin Otter crashed into the wall of Halawa Valley on the eastern end of the island, just below the ridgeline and about 700 feet above the valley floor, Coast Guard spokesman Scott Hartvigsen said.

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