A Sultry Prince-kim Basinger Video

Posted: November 29, 1989

A new 19-minute video starring Kim Basinger and Prince is being released this week. Called "Scandalous Sex Suite," it posits the concept that a saxophone-backed hot romance could actually exist between the rock star and movie star. After all, the two did meet while making Batman, and talk's been spread that they have been "dating." The video has little dialogue but lots of giggling, gasping, panting, breathing and other emotional sound effects. Next week, Basinger enters hardball divorce negotiations with unhappy husband Ron Britton, who, according to a source, wants a multimillion-dollar settlement or he'll start naming the guy who's really been dating his wife. Besides Prince, candidates include Michael Keaton and producer Jon Peters.


Despite jabs from Jay Leno, Dennis Weaver makes no apologies for the environmentally correct house he had built in Ridgway, Colo. "It's the fulfillment of a kind of dream for me," the TV star said of the 6,500-square- foot, solar-heated home with three-foot walls made of 3,500 dirt-packed tires and 20,000 aluminum cans held together by mortar. The home also features a spectacular Rocky Mountain view. Weaver's neighbors call it "the Michelin Mansion" and Leno wonders how the garbage man decides what goes and what stays.

TV star Bob Newhart and his wife, Virginia, forked over $4.2 million for a two-story, seven-bathroom house they soon will move into, one that's steeped in Hollywood tradition. Screenwriter Walter Reisch, a former owner who died in 1983, said the place "was a regular meeting place of Hollywood's most celebrated colony," which included the likes of Edward G. Robinson, Ingrid Bergman, Billy Wilder, Jack Webb, William Wyler and Walter Slezak.


Nicole Mitchell, 21, who has been dating Eddie Murphy for more than a year and lives in a $600,000 house he owns, gave birth to a daughter 11 days ago at a Sacramento, Calif., hospital, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday. None of Murphy's people will talk about it.

Harper & Row said Monday that Marianne Wiggins, separated wife of novelist Salman Rushdie (The Satanic Verses), is writing an account of their life on the lam after the late, grating Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini called for her husband's head. Learning Urdu, which will contain the account as well as a collection of short stories by Wiggins, is planned for May publication. Wiggins, a Lancaster native, previously said the couple slept in 56 beds during one six-month period.

Connie Francis had a less-than-smashing comeback try at London's Palladium last weekend. She left the stage after just 15 minutes, pleading throat virus. An unhappy crowd demanded its money back. However, the singer did see herself through a later show.


Who do you think would top Good Housekeeping magazine's annual listings of the most admired men and women?

If you said President and Barbara Bush, consider yourself normally brilliant.

The President replaced Ronald Reagan, who topped the category for the eight straight years of his presidency but since leaving office is now much less

admired (No. 6), according to 13,000 survey respondents.

Others on the men's list, in order, are the Rev. Billy Graham, Lech Walesa, Pope John Paul II, Oliver North, Bob Hope (seventh), C. Everett Koop, Jimmy Carter and Bill Cosby. After Barbara Bush come Mother Teresa, Margaret Thatcher, Oprah Winfrey, Ann Jillian, Pat Nixon, Katharine Hepburn, Phyllis Schlafly, Nancy Reagan and Princess Diana.

The editors of Woman's Day have come up with the men they would most like to see stuffing their stockings on Christmas morn. All movie stars, the picks are Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery, Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Rip Taylor got no votes.


Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady, a longtime arthritis-sufferer, will have a right hip replacement operation next month. He has scheduled leave time from Dec. 14 through early January.

Margaret Chase Smith, 91, returned to her Skowhegan, Maine, home on Monday after a week's treatment at Portland's Maine Medical Center for an undisclosed illness. A friend, Merton Henry, said he was told that the first woman to

serve in both houses of Congress had suffered no permanent heart damage. She had recently complained of chest pains.

Former San Antonio, Texas, Mayor Henry Cisneros was discharged from Houston's Methodist Hospital a week after having his gall bladder removed.


Erich Honecker, who ruled East Germany for 18 years and who had been a hardline supporter of the Berlin Wall, was said Monday to have become "a broken man" since his Oct. 18 expulsion as leader. "It is difficult for him to understand everything," said his security chief, Maj. Gen. Guenter Wolf. ''His whole world collapsed. What's he got to live for? He wouldn't be able to stand appearing in public again." Honecker, 77, is still living in the secluded Wandlitz compound that has always housed the nation's power elite. Wolf said he's hot to leave. "But it's not easy to find a suitable apartment for old men and their families in East Berlin," said Wolf. "Otherwise, this place would be empty already." When a photographer noticed the disgraced leader through an open blind, it was quickly shut.

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