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Posted: January 20, 1990


Just as the American Indian was strategically reduced to a small minority in a land where they once lived with pride, today we are witnessing "The African American Trap Of Self Genocide."

When the cowboys of old trampled Indian villages and killed and maimed all in their path, the cowboys were portrayed by history as gallant and heroic. However, when the Indians fought back in defense of their homes, history tells us they were savages. if you come to my property to visit, as the European did, then refuse to leave and try to take my land from me violently, aren't you the aggressor and therefore the true savage?

American history textbooks were written by white men about the so-called triumphs of white men.

It was never really feasible to European settlers to share the land with the Indians except on their terms. This meant the Indians had to be exterminated. First, before killing off the Native Americans, some weakening had to occur.

The European knew this and thus introduced "firewater." Drunkenness produced moral decay of the strong Indian values, which led to a weakening of Indian society.

If American history were told as graphically as the history of the Holocaust, maybe the African American of today could learn a valuable lesson: American genocide cannot take place without cooperation from the targeted group.

Throughout slavery and segregation, African Americans have not only survived but triumphed. Yet, genocide of the young black male lurks around every street corner. As alcohol ate away at the fabric of Indian culture, cocaine, crack and other poisonous substances are eating away at our communities.

Submission to the demon of drugs is a one-way ticket to self-imposed genocide. If we don't rid our communities of drugs, drugs are going to rid our communities of many bright young men by way of jail, death, disease and insanity. Black America does not bring drugs into this country but our communities are sure the target of the demon of drugs. We must stand up and remove drugs from our communities. If not, genocide might well be repeated and the victims will be us.

Donald Williams

Rockview State Prison



It's a shame when you hear an ad on the radio or TV where the product is associated with a song from the past, a "golden oldie."

A lot of people associate these old songs with memories of the past, then some pinhead decides it will help sell his product if it's played along with the junk he's pushing.

Auto manufacturers are the worst because not only do they insult our common sense with their so-called discounts and rebates, but they add insult to injury by trying to associate a piece of manure with a fondly remembered song.

People don't run out to buy a car because they like the song used to sell it. They think about the piece of junk that ruined a good song.

If a manufacturer wants to sell more, he could stop wasting money on 12- year-old-mentality commercials and start giving us good products at a fair price.

Nick Maksymyk



I fully agree with the Dec. 30 letters: "Needy Not Greedy" by Jesse Washington, "Our Own Backyard" by Ollie Benson and "Players' Paychecks" by Walter Van Horn.

Let's take care of America first, and I think professional sports players are all overpaid. I liked it better when the Democrats are in control.

Maryanne Miller



"Let's Live in Unity" (letter Dec. 30) reflects the latent dream of many people. Unfortunately, this dream is not shared by many of our readers nor the people whose money gets them elected. The polarization of the poor and working class of different races is the essential tool that allows our government to persist with corruption, lies and injustices.

We are the reason for the above ills because we follow hatemongers instead of our hearts. On the battlefields, dominated by the poor and the working classes, black and white men stand and die side by side fighting to preserve a freedom only the wealthy can afford to enjoy. Yet, on the home front we hate one another. A government for the people by the people will never exist unless we the people unite for the good of all mankind equally.

James 'Nim' Gorham


To Marie White, who feels prisoners should be mistreated: Frackville Prison agrees!

With a population exceeding 1,000 inmates, but built for 500, we are denied jobs, schooling, religious practices, mail, fair and impartial hearings on misconduct (real or imagined) and parole! The rule here is no school, no parole! I've been here 10 months, denied school and a job by the administration, required for parole!

David Loumann



In his message to Israel during his Christmas pilgrimage to the Holy Land, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu is quoted as having urged the Israelis ''to forgive the Nazis for killing 6 million Jews during World War II."

He criticized the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza strip, captured from the Arabs who declared war against the Israelis with hopes of annihilating and driving them into the sea.

Your Honorable Archbishop, how can you urge people who fled persecution and possible extinction or liberated from concentration camps by the allied armed forcess, to forgive the Nazis? Most Israelis lost loved ones in the Holocaust.

If you, or anyone else can recommend a workable plan for peaceful coexistence between Israel and her surrounding Arab states, perhaps Israel would come to a negotiating forum confident and willing to communicate with the Palestinian Liberation Orghanization.

Ben J. Dovberg


I was appalled at the refusal of some malls' greedy merchants to permit the Salvation Army to solicit alms for the poor and needy.

The Salvation Army is a religious and charitable organization that tries to help people who do not belong to any Christian church.

Now that Christmas is over, I trust the merchants in the malls realize how despicable they have behaved. Did they really beleive the small generosities bestowed would, in any way, affect their profit or were they afraid mall patrons might once again see Christmas as it should be, spirit of giving, the celebration of Christ, a religious, not a profit-making holiday?

In the true spirit of Scrooge, Salvation Army soldiers were made to stand out in the bitter cold, uncomplaining, yet with a soft thank you for donations. They, to me, exemplified the true spirit of Christmas.

Ray Smith


There is a good story for Channel 12 to show after they show all about the mob. It's about a young man who was a son of poor immigrants from Italy. This young man worked during the day in order to go to college at night. It took him 10 years to get his PhD. He became a top chemist with the government.

The sad part of this story is that the young man who suffered so much to get his PhD died of cancer. He was a credit to Italo-Americans.

So remember, all Italo-Americans are not mobsters. This story is true

because this young man was my brother, Dr. Constantine Ricciuti.

Victor Ricciuti


What gives America the right to seize a foreign figure? I am happy Manuel Noriega is in custody, but he committed crimes against the United States, not in the United States. Is there an international law allowing nations to arrest foreign figures, or do I not fully understand the justice system?

One man was not worth all the death and destruction brought upon that small country.

Bryan Robinson

I congratulate President Bush on his recent victory in the capture of Manuel Noriega. I have just one question. How can Bush be so triumphant in apprehending criminals in other countries when the United States's drug problem is overwhelming?

Robert Smith

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