Alleged Drug Family Raided

Posted: March 09, 1990

The district attorney's office raided four drug houses yesterday in a continuing investigation aimed at shutting down a drug operation allegedly run by a widely known South Philadelphia family.

Laura Linton of the DA's office said the afternoon raid on properties reputedly run by the Carr family exposed yet another layer of wealth the family has netted in its long involvement in the drug trade.

In one house on south 18th Street near Reed, detectives found a vault buried in the basement that contained $70,000 in cash, $70,000 in jewelry - including a watch with a price tag of $10,000 still attached to it - and three as yet unappraised furs.

The cash was in $50 and $100 bills, Linton said.

The south 18th Street rowhouse, owned by Gwendolyn Carr, is believed to be the family's "safe house," where proceeds from its drug business are kept. A car was also confiscated, and documents seized from another of the houses raided, Linton said.

Lonnie Carr, 37, was arrested yesterday on drug and other charges during the raid at a house on Wharton Street near 20th. He possessed 15 vials of crack. Linton said. The DA's office has outstanding warrants for other members of the drug ring, Linton said. She did not say how many warrants had been issued.

Two other houses on Latona Street, near 19th and near 20th, also were raided, where documents related to the drug trade allegedly were found.

The Carr family has been the focus of other police busts, including a high-profile seizure of a drug house on the corner of 20th and Titan streets in June.

That seizure was the first conducted in Philadelphia under a two-year-old state forfeiture law that allows the assets of an alleged drug organization to be seized on the spot.

It was aided by outraged neighbors, who had grown tired of the bustling

drug trade at 20th and Titan streets that allegedly served 400 to 500 customers a day. Residents supplied police with detailed information about the operation.

Police said that house alone sold $1.3 million worth of drugs a year.

Clarence "Pops" Carr, who died last year at age 65, was said by police to be the head of the 30-member drug ring that specialized in selling "pancakes and syrup," a sometimes lethal combination of perscription drugs Doriden, Tylenol with codeine, and cough syrup. The family also branched out into cocaine sales, police said.

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