The Iceman Stayeth 'Train' On Track

Posted: March 17, 1990

Can it be 20 years since the inaugural run of Soul Train and its ice-cool engineer, Don Cornelius?

Can you believe some of the original Soul Train dancers have children dancing on air or that some of the girls and guys we ogled are wearing support stockings and hairpieces?

Believe it.

Since Soul Train pulled out of the station, Michael and Janet Jackson have grown from little stars to the brightest lights in the Soul Music firmament. Even ageless Dick Clark has grown a wrinkle or two.

But big Don rolls on, calling out the stops in a voice that sounds like it's coming from a tunnel.

He's still on track because he meets a need. Most black acts have no other TV route to the public except to ride the Soul Train.

As "Train" rolls into a second generation, somebody should look into the scramble board game. In 20 years, nobody has been stumped.

One couple unscrambled the name Haile Selassie in 10 seconds without missing a step. Maybe spelling should be taught by the Rhythm Method.



Finally, an issue City Council can really get its teeth into, an issue that they all care deeply about, an issue with no compromise. Parking.

They don't want to be subject to the tender attentions of those hordes of checkered-hatted, ticket-writing, clock-watching Parking Authority authoritarians any more than we do. The difference is they park on City Hall sidewalk, thereby rubbing the noses through which we pay our taxes in their privilege.

Councilman George Burrell, not previously known as a profile in courage, is on the case, having noticed that the sidewalks around City Hall look like a used car lot, complete with elaborate trucks to enable local haircuts to stand in front of the hall just in case we forget what they're talking about.

Burrell wants to tow the cars away so City Hall won't look quite so much like a dump. Lotsa luck, George. We're with you, even though you're more likely to get a trash-to-steam plant.

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