Pair Convicted Of Torturing Limo Driver

Posted: April 11, 1990

The prosecutor called the beating and torture of a woman limousine driver in a West Philadelphia abandoned building last Aug. 2 "a barbaric act."

Assistant District Attorney David Novak said when the two attackers ordered a limo sent to the building on Lancaster Avenue near 41st Street, "they asked for a female driver so they could easily overpower her."

Edward "Chip" Jones, 26, of 58th Street near Springfield Avenue, who pleaded guilty to his role in the attack, blamed co-defendant Charles Brown, 20.

Brown, of Aspen Street near 35th, yesterday was convicted of arson, robbery, aggravated assault and related charges following a non-jury trial before Common Pleas Judge Frederica A. Massiah-Jackson. Jones and Brown are scheduled to be sentenced in June.

Jones said Brown beat Elizabeth Golden, who was employed by a Pennsauken, N.J., limousine company, and tried to kill her before stealing her limo.

"He wanted to blow her and the house up," Jones said in a statement to Detective Joseph Capone. "He figured he would bump her off and set the house on fire and there would be no witnesses."

Brown gave a slightly different version of the attack.

"He (Jones) had a frying pan in his right hand, and he hit her in the head about two or three times," Brown said in a statement. "In between hitting her with the frying pan, I could hear her screaming, 'Why are you doing this to me?'

"She fell to the floor unconscious. We carried her to the third-floor kitchen and placed her on the floor. I handcuffed her behind her back and noticed she was bleeding from her head.

"I sent Chip downstairs to the second floor to get a propane torch. I wanted to ignite a small fire on the rug. This is the silly part, because I wanted to attract the Fire Department. The small fire would buy us enough time to complete our transaction (steal and sell the limo).

"I laid the propane torch down on the rug and it was lit. The rug started to burn slightly and smoke started to come. I opened up a window all the way in the kitchen. After this we both got in the car and left."

Novak said Golden was discovered by firefighters, who arrived to battle the fire. She had suffered two skull fractures, and has a permanent hearing disorder from the beating, Novak said.

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