'Anything Goes' No Spoof Today Out-of-control Smut, Bigotry Appalling To Even The Liberals

Posted: May 24, 1990

The chickens are finally coming home to roost for the "if it feels good, do it" bunch.

Some liberals, who threw restraint to the wind and embraced an anything- goes philosophy, are now upset by what they have wrought.

In a recent syndicated column, Ellen Goodman is properly revolted by the filth masquerading as entertainment represented by "comedians" like Andrew Dice Clay. Goodman laments that Clay, with his bigoted and sexually offensive ''humor," is moving beyond the fringe into the mainstream.

"Seeing his video is like sliding down a chute of night soil," she writes. "You finish in need of a shower and an explanation of why so many take this ride again and again, and why there are so many other rides in this grotesque theme park of hatred in the entertainment of the 1990s."

The explanation is actually quite simple. It has to do with removing the moral foundation from a society and engaging in a type of limbo dance designed to see how low you can go.

Pretty low, as U.S. District Judge Jose A. Gonzalez is learning in what could be a landmark obscenity trial in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. At issue is the infamous rap group "2 Live Crew" and its album "As Nasty as They Wanna Be." The song lyrics were transcribed by Bob DeMoss of Focus on the Family and were entered as evidence in the proceedings.

After listening to the entire album, DeMoss catalogued the wide variety of

sexually explicit language.

It includes the following:

* 226 uses of the "F" word.

* 117 explicit terms for male or female genitalia.

* 87 descriptions of oral sex.

* 163 uses of "bitch."

* 15 uses of "ho" (slang for whore), referring to women.

* 81 uses of "sh--."

* 42 uses of "a--."

* 9 descriptions of male ejaculation.

* 4 descriptions of group sex.

* More than a dozen references to violent sex.

Ellen Goodman wants to know "what is happening" when such things are becoming increasingly popular.

The answer is that when there are no boundaries, no absolutes, no codes of conduct, people sink to their lowest level. It is not the nature of all people to be good; that is why there are laws. That is why we must teach children to be honest and obedient. Kindness, racial tolerance and turning the other cheek are acquired traits. Hatred, racism and revenge come with the human package. If good qualities came naturally to everyone, there would be no need to teach such qualities and to punish those who fail to exercise them.

Some liberals have spent nearly three decades telling us that imposing any form of moral principles on everyone is unconstitutional and unwise. The result? They have created a pile of immoral manure in which the likes of Andrew Dice Clay and "2 Live Crew" can blossom.

"There is a lot of room between a ban and a seal of approval," says Goodman, not wishing to state the obvious - that is, like air and water pollutants, certain soul and mind pollutants need to be controlled if the general welfare is to be promoted.

As liberals join conservatives in decrying the reported rise in racial incidents, campus rapes, violence against homosexuals and other antisocial behaviors, they ought to stop asking rhetorical questions and begin taking the responsibility for what has occurred.

"In olden days a glimpse of stocking/Was looked on as something shocking/ Now heaven knows/Anything goes," wrote Cole Porter a half century ago. Then, it was a spoof. Now, it is an indictment.

Let's have some political leadership that is not afraid to say we have gone too far and it is time to turn back. I suspect most Americans would follow those leaders.

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