Home Office Law Revised

Posted: July 12, 1990

The Willistown Board of Supervisors has revised township law governing offices that are in homes.

The board voted, 3-0, at its meeting Tuesday to adopt a new home office ordinance that permits a home office for a physician, dentist, lawyer, architect, engineer, accountant, public official, artist or tutor. Any other proposed use must be reviewed and approved by the Zoning Hearing Board. And the office must be within the dwelling unit only; not in a garage or other building.

The new ordinance also stipulates:

* No more than one home office is permitted for each dwelling unit.

* The home office can be no larger than 25 percent of the total floor area of the dwelling unit or 500 square feet, whichever is less.

* No more than one nonresident of the dwelling unit may be employed at the home office.

* Only one sign indicating products or services is permitted, and the sign is not to exceed 2 square feet.

* No more than two off-street parking spaces are permitted in addition to those required for the residence.

* No alteration to the residence exterior other than the sign is permitted.

* No machinery or equipment that produces noise, odor, vibration, light or electrical interference beyond the property boundary is permitted.

* Materials and products cannot be stored outside.

* Only goods produced there can be sold on the premises.

* Any residence with a home office should have direct access for the dwelling unit to the ground level.

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