Board Chairman Becomes Fund-raiser For Hospital

Posted: December 10, 1990

Attorney Francis X. Meehan has served as chairman of the board of Northeastern Hospital for the last decade.

Now, Meehan, a self-described neighborhood kind of guy, is taking on an additional role.

After a reorganization at the hospital this fall, Meehan was hired by the board he chairs to be fund-raiser for Northeastern's parent: the Northeastern Hospital Foundation.

Meehan said he did not take part in the board vote and did not view his new position as a conflict. He said he already had been helping the fund-raising company hired by the hospital.

"I was spending so much time going out with them. . . . I figured if they were using me so much, I might as well kill two birds with one stone."

One report circulating among some hospital employees was that Meehan would be paid $150,000 annually in his new role, but Meehan said that was ''absolutely untrue."

"I will be paid a salary," he said, declining to say what it would be. ''Some people are comfortable disclosing (their salaries). I don't like divulging that kind of information."

Meehan said he would be responsible for developing within the foundation a fund-raising department that would have one or two other employees.

The department will have a budget of $200,000 a year and be responsible for an annual campaign and special events.

He said the $200,000 was less than the foundation had paid the private fund-raising firm.

Meehan recently enrolled in a course on fund-raising at the University of Pennsylvania.

"When I do something, I try to educate myself and learn as much as I can about something," he said.

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