Letters More Readers' Reactions To That Cartoon

Posted: April 26, 1991

Signe Wilkinson's perverse cartoon is one more blatant example of anti- Catholicism by your newspaper.

Signe misses the entire point of educational choice and deliberately seeks to confuse two entirely separate issues by linking educational choice to abortion. Educational choice means parents are free to choose a school that represents a particular moral point of view.

Unfortunately, the choice is not available in public schools. Under the public education system, parents must send their children to a school regardless of its reputation instead of being free to pick the best possible school.

Instead of questioning abortion, we should be asking about the immorality of forcing economically disadvantaged young people to attend an educationally disadvantaged school.

JOHN M. TIERNEY, President

Catholic League for Religious

& Civil Rights

Bala Cynwyd


Signe Wilkinson's cartoon April 4 was very insensitive and hurtful. She suggests the Catholic schools don't deserve a tax break because they teach that abortion can never be a choice for women.

Abortion is not a religious issue, it is a civil rights issue.

Without some kind of tax break, the Catholic schools will not survive.




Signe Wilkinson's attempt at a humorous commentary on tax breaks for those who choose private schools soured when she overstepped the bounds of decency and attacked the foundations of Catholic consciousness.

The murder of children has never been, even for the most callous of comedians, a laughing matter. Why is it then, that the pro-life stand of the Catholic Church is such a joke in the media?


Hammonton, N.J.


Once again you have come up with a blatant smear of the Catholic Church. Since Signe Wilkinson was honored as best cartoonist of the year, I suppose that makes it permissible for her to attack a specific group. The editorial staff not only condones it, but encourages it.

Since it is your paper, responses can be printed to suit you. On April 16, we again see all the pro-choice letters. After all, the courts say pro-life people are racketeers and we can use RICO against them.

Why can't Ms. Wilkinson do some cartoons against all the defenseless people we killed in Kuwait? Why not complain about the Kurds left to be slaughtered?

Isn't selective journalism wonderful?



If Signe Wilkinson truly believes it is her vocation to take only an opposing view, she must be very lonely. Opinions are fine but what we Catholics see is H-A-T-E.

She is not very artistic; she's insulting to Catholics; her ideas often image an editorial by someone else, and lack compassion.

Do us all a favor, bring back Rob Lawlor. Maybe he can write Signe's name and telephone number into one of his drawings.




To Signe Wilkinson: Keep up the good work.

I have raised and educated two daughters in the Catholic faith. It is a time-consuming and expensive family obligation, but I have never regretted this. However, my daughters were also raised to never impose their religious teachings on others and they have never done so.

I do not agree with tax funds going to religious schools until this is rectified.


I enjoy the cartoons by Signe Wilkinson, and frequently cut them out. She is wonderfully clever. I would object to people who limit her expression. Cartoons should have bite. If they were bland and uncontroversial, they wouldn't say much.

Anti-abortion forces find fault with her. You have columns by Cal Thomas and Msgr. S.J. Adamo that clearly express their point of view; you also print their letters, so they cannot claim that your paper is unfair to them.

Hooray for Signe Wilkinson! Keep them coming!


Centre Square


I was sickened by Signe Wilkinson's cartoon of April 4. I am a Catholic who sends my children to Catholic school and I am proud of it. My children are receiving a top-notch well-rounded education. They are being taught to be generous, kind, caring, compassionate human beings in hand with the academic side of their schooling.

Her attempt at humor with her "clever" (tongue-in-cheek) play on words failed to amuse me or my family.


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