He's Guilty Of Robbery, Abduction

Posted: May 09, 1991

The nightmare began right after dinner for Carlos Carrerro and his partially paralyzed mother.

Before it was over, he had been robbed, his mother beaten and cursed, and they had been dumped on the street without their car.

On June 8, 1990, two men barged into Carrerro's auto after he and his mother left a diner at 66th Avenue and Broad Street.

And for 10 minutes Carrerro, 42, of Marshall Street near Chew Avenue, said he was forced to drive his car through the streets of West Oak Lane while one of the two kidnappers held a gun to his 62-year-old mother's head.

"He said, 'You look at me and I'll blow her brains out,' " Carrerro said. ''I couldn't believe what was happening. I was afraid for my mom's life as well as for my own."

Carrerro yesterday identified Steven Dennis, 42, of 18th Street near Butler, as one of the abductors, and Common Pleas Judge Levy Anderson convicted Dennis of kidnapping and robbery charges. Sentencing was deferred pending motions for a new trial.

Assistant District Attorney James Lyons said Dennis, a convicted robber who has used 14 aliases, was not the person with the gun. Police are still seeking that man.

Carrerro said he considered crashing into a police car during the ordeal.

"I was looking for any escape that would be safe for us to get out," he said. "I was told by the gunman that if I crashed into the police vehicle he would kill my mom. I believed him."

He was ordered to stop his car at 16th Street and Chelten Avenue, where his mother, Joan, was beaten and kicked, and he was robbed of his gold chain, wedding band and cash.

He said that because of his mother's physical condition, she couldn't get out of the car fast enough to please the robbers.

"So they grabbed my mother out of the car and they were cursing at her," Carrerro said. "They knocked her down on the curb and began kicking her out of their way, calling her a bitch.

"They kicked her in the legs. They were kicking her out of the way so they could pull off, leaving me and my mother on the corner."

Lyons said about an hour after the incident, police arrested Dennis in the stolen car.

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