Consumers, Socialists File Petitions For Nov. Election

Posted: August 01, 1991

Members of the Consumers Education and Protective Association and the Socialist Workers Party have filed nominating petitions to have their names placed on the November ballot, officials of the Philadelphia Board of Elections said yesterday.

The CEPA candidate for Philadelphia mayor is Arthur Liebersohn, 40, a lawyer who ran for state attorney general in 1988. He is a longtime member of the CEPA and has served as the organization's treasurer.

Besse Weiner, who with her late husband, Max, founded CEPA, filed to run for City Council at-large. Also seeking at-large Council seats are Lance Haver, executive director of the party; Ben Porter, and Horace Cheeves.

CEPA candidates for other offices are: Thelma Hambright and Patricia McNamara for City Commission; Paul DeVaughn for sheriff; Jen Khoe for clerk of Quarter Sessions Court, and Heather Finnerty for register of wills.

The slate submitted 8,003 petition signatures, election board officials said.

Oil refinery worker Kathleen Mickells has filed for mayor on the Socialist Workers Party ticket. Mickells, 41, has run for office three times. As a candidate for vice president of the United States in 1988, Mickells and her running mate, James Warren, drew 15,604 votes nationwide. Mickells ran in 1983 for commissioner in Washington County, Pa., taking 7 percent of the vote, and in 1985 staged an unsuccessful write-in campaign for Congress in West Virginia.

Mickells said the Socialist Workers Party hoped to bring a "working-class perspective" to the campaign for city offices. She said her party would seek ''more social programs, more unions, more democratic rights." Mickells charged that the Democrats and Republicans were proposing to solve the city's budget crisis "in the interests of the bankers and the bondholders and bosses."

Also filing under the Socialist Workers Party were City Council at-lage candidates Stephen Frum, a Temple University student; Maureen Coletta, an autoworker, and Francisco Picado, a garment worker .

The slate submitted 5,584 petition signatures, officials said.

Today is the last day for candidates to file petitions for the Nov. 5 election.

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