Delran Baby Sitter Guilty In Scalding Of 2-year-old

Posted: August 09, 1991

A Delran woman deliberately poured scalding water over the head of a 2 1/2- year-old child she was baby-sitting two years ago, a Burlington County Superior Court jury found yesterday.

The jury convicted Pao-Fong A. Young of the Hunters Glen Apartments of aggravated assault and child abuse for the incident, which took place in Young's former apartment in Browns Mills in May 1989. She was found not guilty of another child-abuse charge.

The child suffered second-degree burns over 45 percent of his body, according to Assistant Prosecutor Brenda Maneri. Maneri told the jury that Young had filled a container with scalding water, then deliberately poured it on the child.

Evidence in the trial showed that the water was between 144 and 156 degrees.

Young, who sat next to a Chinese interpreter throughout the trial, was taken to Burlington County's minimum security jail after the verdict to await sentencing next month. She faces up to 15 years in prison.

Young, who is in her mid-30s, testified that she was watching the child for a friend when the child vomited. Young said she took the child to the bathroom and turned on the hot water of the shower. At that point, she testified, her own infant started crying in the other room and Young left to see what was the matter. When she returned to the bathroom, the child she was baby-sitting had climbed into the shower and fallen, Young testified.

But Maneri argued in her closing statement that the shower was not hot enough to have caused the injuries and that if it were, there would have been more burns on the lower part of the child's body.

Maneri also cited testimony by two doctors that the child's life was in danger after the burns, but that Young waited eight hours before getting the child medical treatment.

Defense attorney William Barbour told the jury that the child had recovered and showed no ill effects from the burns. Barbour said the verdict would be appealed.

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