Personal Briefing

Posted: August 30, 1991


If you're looking to marry a "billionette," check out bars and clubs where wealthy divorcees gather. Just make sure they're living off assets, not alimony, and learn to like what they like, Ginny Polo Sayles, who runs seminars on "How to Marry Rich," writes in Fortune magazine. Other Sayles tips, reports Investor's Daily: Dress well, including a good watch with a leather strap; live where the rich live, even if it's in a shack; take golf and tennis lessons at a swanky club and always arrive 30 minutes early; accept gifts graciously; pick small fights periodically to show you're not a yes man.


Eating just what you need instead of everything you want could produce resistance to the flu in old age. At least, it works for mice, says UCLA researcher Steven Harris. His study is the latest to show that mice that eat less are healthier and live longer. If proven true for humans, people could live to be a healthy 120 years old, Harris says.


Encouraging news for muscular dystrophy victims: Researchers report the first signs that healthy genes can be injected directly into cells to correct damage done by the inherited disease. Although a useful treatment still is a considerable time away, scientists say in the journal Nature, the results suggest they are on the right track.


Hodgkin's disease victims, take note: Those who have received radiation treatment for the disease have a high risk of developing thyroid problems decades after the treatments end, according to a Stanford University study. Included in the study were victims of Graves' disease, the overactive thyroid condition that afflicts President Bush and his wife, Barbara.


Just one month left to enter the Second Annual "World's Worst Guitar Player" contest. The winner gets a $400 guitar and amp, an instruction video, a spot in a TV ad, a chance to perform before another band's audience and a one-way bus ticket to Canada. Send tapes by Sept. 30 to "I'm the World's Worst Guitar Player," House of Guitars Inc., 645 Titus Ave., Rochester, N.Y. 14617. Tapes will not be returned - they will be "buried."

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