Posed Nude; Now A Naked City Detective

Posted: September 28, 1991

Cibella Borges, tossed from the Big Apple police force 7 1/2 years ago after nude photos of her popped up in Beaver magazine, was sworn in yesterday as a detective at a Brooklyn station house. "I worked hard to get my detective shield," said Borges, 34, "and I'm quite proud of it." She posed for the shots in 1980 when a civilian police employee, eight months before being admitted to the regular force. She was fired in May 1983, but two years later had the firing overturned in state appeals court. She was reinstated with full back pay. "Sometimes they kid me, but nobody makes a big deal of it anymore," said the single Borges. "They respect me as a police officer and as a person."


Oh, pray something's done about this before next weekend's wedding, but it's come to light that there's a 2 1/2-year-old bench warrant out for Larry Fortensky. Seems Elizabeth Taylor's intended was convicted of drunk driving in 1987 and ordered to a rehab program. Although he later shaped up at the Betty Ford Clinic - where his eyes first met Liz's purples - he never signed up for the court-ordered program and until he does, the warrant stands. "I really don't know anything about it," said Taylor's spokeswoman.

Edward Furlong, boy star of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, can decide for

himself if he wants to live with his mother or his uncle and aunt, an L.A. judge ruled Thursday. Furlong, 14, has been living with aunt Nancy Tafoya and uncle Sean Furlong since his mother, Eleanor Torres, left his stepfather more than a year ago. The judge said that Furlong, now shooting a movie in Washington, can make his decision after all concerned undergo counseling.


Bruce Springsteen had a musical reunion with Southside Johnny and Little Steven (nee Van Zandt) Thursday night at Asbury Park's Stone Pony. The occasion - the video shoot for Steven's "It's Been a Long Time" featured on Johnny's album, Better Days, due Oct. 29. The trio did the song thrice for an invitation-only audience of radio-contest winners and music-industry types. After the videoing, they tore into "We're Having a Party" with help from Jon Bon Jovi.

Lily Tomlin wanted to keep close tabs on ticket sales for her movie, The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, which opened for an ''exclusive engagement" yesterday at a Manhattan theater. What better way than to sell tickets? Which the comic actress did, womaning the box office for all six showings.

Terry Murphy, co-host of TV's Hard Copy, is recovering from facial injuries suffered Wednesday in L.A., where she was attacked by a friend's dog while dining. The Japanese akita, which attacked without provocation, according to Murphy's spokesman, also injured one of her wrists. "She's doing better," he said. "She's home in bed and her face is wrapped."


Macaulay Culkin, kid star of the movie Home Alone, will do live theater Oct. 9 and 10 at Manhattan's Ensemble Studio Theater. The puerile heartthrob will appear in Sam I Am by Keith Reddin, which uses the one-acter, The Big Squirrel, in which Culkin, 10, made his acting debut at 6.

Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn, stars of the talky movie, My Dinner With Andre, will "rehearse" their production of Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya five times a week at the Big Apple's Victory Theater from Nov. 11 to Dec. 20. Admission will be free, but is by invitation only and is limited to 35 onstage witnesses a night. The pair hope to publicize in mid-October a phone number for audiences.

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein will act for the first time since her Yale Drama School days Monday when she appears in a scene for the benefit of the Young Playwrights Festival at Broadway's St. James Theater. Other scene-actors will include Blair Brown, Timothy Busfield, Polly Draper, Fisher Stevens and Helen Slater.


Nothing conservative about George Will's new girlfriend. She's the outstanding Mari Maseng, a former campaign spokeswoman for Sen. Bob Dole. She also has worked in the Bush White House. The columnist and Sunday morning talking head TV star recently escorted the 6-foot beauty to a Washington Redskins football game, where the two huddled in team owner Jack Kent Cooke's box. According to a witness, "soulful eye contact" and "touching" occurred. Ah, like!

Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora, a sometime boy toy of Cher's, is vacationing in Hawaii, even as you read, with backup singer Bekka Bramlett.

Boris Yeltsin's word on his wife, Naina: "She is no Raisa." So says Russia's anti-coup hero in tomorrow's Parade magazine. But he adds: "She is my prime minister, my finance minister and every other minister. . . . " Yeltsin says the couple share a three-room Moscow apartment with their daughter Tatiana, and grandson, Boris Jr., 9. He rejected a move to a government-owned country place, noting: "A man's home should be his own castle, not the government's."

Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, 70, accidentally broke the rib of his wife, Beryl, earlier this month while horsing around at the Wyoming ranch of a friend. According to an aide to the Texas Democrat, the Bentsens got into a playful debate as to whether it was time to go to bed. He held yes; she, no. That's when the 1988 defeated vice-presidential candidate flung her over his shoulder and carted her off to the bedroom. Said Beryl Bentsen: "I get a laugh out of it now but for a few days it hurt too much to laugh at anything." Added the senator: "We always had fun doing this . . . but no more." He's no Jack Kennedy.

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