Hal Lanier Dismissed As Coach

Posted: October 07, 1991

Hal Lanier, clad in street clothes, made his way around the Phils' clubhouse yesterday morning, shaking hands with the players. He wasn't doing it to be friendly. He was saying goodbye.

Long before game time, he was history - the sole man to be excised from the Phils' coaching staff at season's end.

Lanier, a former division-winning manager with the Astros, was completing his second year as a Phils coach. Officially, he was "dugout assistant" to manager Jim Fregosi - the guy who filled out the lineup card, positioned infielders during games, and relayed directives from the manager.

But Lanier was bumped yesterday in favor of Mel Roberts, a longtime coach and manager in the Phils' farm system. Roberts will be the first-base coach in the '92 season. Coach John Vukovich, who filled that role this year, will assume Lanier's duties in the dugout.

The others returning for '92 are Mike Ryan, bullpen coach; Johnny Podres, pitching coach; Larry Bowa, third-base coach, and Denis Menke, batting coach.

Roberts, a minor-league outfielder from 1962 to 1970, has coached at Reading and Spartanburg, and has been a roving outfield instructor in the minors. For the last four seasons, he managed single-A Spartanburg. He is also a local guy, born 48 years ago in Abington.

Fregosi said yesterday: "Hal did a good job for us. But we felt like we had some people in the organization who've spent a lot of time with our young players. And we wanted to promote from within the organization. I've worked with Mel. He's quite a guy."


Ticket prices are going up next season.

The 200-level box seats will increase by $2, to $12. The 300- and 500-level boxes will jump by $1, to $10, and the 600-level seats will increase by 50 cents, to $7. The nose-bleed seats at the 700 level will remain priced at $4. And children's general admission, on days when there are no promotional give- aways, will stay at $1.

Team physician Phillip Marone will remove a small cyst from the left knee of rookie outfielder Braulio Castillo on Thursday.

The cyst formed after Castillo was hit by a ball while playing in the minors earlier this year.

Lenny Dykstra and Darren Daulton were both in the lineup for only one-third of the games this year. With the crash twins playing, the Phils were 30-24 (.556), without them 48-60 (.444). . . . The Phils won 16 extra-inning games this year, setting a club record. Overall, they played 25 extra-inning games, tops in the majors.

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