Planned Budget Includes Increase In Millage Rate

Posted: November 14, 1991

Newtown Township taxpayers would pay an additional 2.5 mills in 1992, or $12.50 more on the tax bill of a home assessed at the township average of $5,000, under the budget proposed by the Board of Supervisors on Monday night.

The budget calls for expenditures of $2,692,653 and would raise the tax rate to 53.75 mills from the current 51.25. The board is expected to take final action on the budget on Dec. 9.

Township Manager Larry M. Comunale said one reason for the proposed increase was a higher-than-normal tax delinquency rate. He estimated that $50,000 in taxes had not been collected. He also said revenues from building permits and real estate transfer taxes were down, adding that transfer taxes had dropped 70 percent from 1987 to the projected figures for 1992.

To combat this, township expenditures would be reduced by 6 percent or $167,828, Comunale said.

The township plans to combine its two sewer systems to save administrative costs. Newtown residents in the first sewer rental district would continue to pay the current user fee of $1.25 per 1,000 gallons. The 123 customers in the second sewer rental district who now pay $1.15 per 1,000 gallons would pay $1.25 next year.

About 58 percent of the budget, or $1,549,706, would go to personnel, including health benefits for its 26 full-time township employees. Thirty- seven percent of the township budget goes toward expenditures for police protection.

The supervisors also announced that they would spend $10,000 from the current budget to fix up two township playgrounds after residents approached the board about the issue a month ago.

In other business, the board postponed a vote until December on whether to

allow Dunwoody Home Inc. to replace the old Dunwoody Home with a new medical facility.

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