Personal Briefing

Posted: February 19, 1992


* If you see a woman on TV or in the movies who smokes, chances are her character is supposed to be frustrated - or seductive. The big and small screens "provide visual symbols of good and bad females that allow us to fill out a character's moral report card after seeing a Rorschachlike flash of her image," Glamour magazine reports. So women with short-cropped hair are single, gutsy, smart-mouthed; women eating candy bars are out of control, self-defeating and powerless, and women who run are strong, disciplined and upstanding citizens.


* Heart surgeons next month will begin testing the genetically engineered

drug aprotinin, which may reduce blood loss and possibly eliminate the need for transfusions during heart surgery. Growing concern about getting AIDS and other infectious diseases from donor blood, and shortages of donor blood, have led to efforts to salvage patients' blood before, during and after surgery.


* In another effort to combat AIDS, Delta Dental, a dental-insurance company based in the Harrisburg area, is providing a new infection-control- education program to more than 5,000 dentists. The program is designed to help dentists protect their patients and themselves from AIDS.


* Having trouble getting an appointment to get your hair done? Blame it on a national shortage of cosmeticians. "We are actually turning down business

because we can't find the people to serve the customers," says the co-owner of a chain of beauty salons based in Wichita, Kan.


* You could call this very reform Judaism: Yarmulkes featuring logos of Bart Simpson and other cartoon characters have become popular among Jewish boys. The owner of a New York religious supplies store says even that "I get bridegrooms in here who say, 'I want to walk down the aisle in a Giants yarmulke'."

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